How To Like Instagram Stories? The Latest Feature is Pretty Cool

You must have been wondering how to like a story on Instagram or how to know when someone likes your post. Well, this article will serve as a guide on how to go about it.

It used to be that liking Instagram posts was the best thing to do, but now it’s all about liking Instagram stories.

Perhaps you’ve never heard of it before; it’s new to you because it was only recently made available to Instagram users.

Previously, you could just respond to or reply to other people’s Instagram stories, but now it’s all about liking them.

Instagram, like a social media network, evolves in response to changing technology trends in order to remain relevant and user-friendly.

As a result, Instagram today has between 201 million and 157 million users who use it for everything from chatting to posting selfies.

How To Like Someone’s Instagram Story

Isn’t it true that when you get something new, you have no idea how to use it properly? because we can’t always figure things out.

But don’t worry, we’ve put up some guidelines to help you get the most out of this new tool.

1. Open Instagram and navigate to the person whose story you wish to like.

2. When reading someone’s Instagram story, you’ll notice a small heart icon next to the paper airplane icon along the bottom menu bar if the Story-like feature is enabled for your account.

3. To like the Instagram Story, tap the heart, which should turn red.

How To Check Who ‘Liked’ Your Instagram Stories?

As previously said, you can only see who liked your Instagram stories. As a result, it will appear in the viewer sheet if you want to see it. Here are the measures to take.

1. Get the most recent version of the Instagram app and install it.

2. Tap the “story” icon in the upper left corner.

3. In the corner, you’ll find another user’s profile icon. This means that your story has been seen.

4. Tap the symbol to find out how many people saw your article. If the icon in the lower-left is missing, it indicates that no one has seen your tale.

5. To double-check, swipe up from the bottom. You’ll see a list of viewers’ names.

6. A heart will be displayed beside their name if they ‘liked’ your story.

Tada! You now understand how to see who liked your Instagram story.

Can Someone See If I Like Their Instagram Story?

It is true that Instagrammers can see if you like their Instagram story. Because story likes are private and cannot be seen by others, only the person who uploaded the Instagram story may see how many likes they received.

Why Is This New Story Like Feature The Best?

It’s ideal for people who like to hold polls to decide which photo to share or who only want to post a photo to their story rather than their feed.

What’s The One Problem Occurring In Some Accounts?

Many users have complained about this function, alleging that it is not yet available to them. It’s possible that it isn’t available in your account or location.

As we all know, when new features are implemented, some challenges develop, but they normally resolve themselves over time. So, what are your alternatives?

If this function has been missing for weeks or months, first upgrade to the most recent Instagram version.

Second, log out of your Instagram account and then back in. Finally, if nothing seems to be working, you can contact Instagram’s help center.


Instagram has recently been rather busy developing new features that make the site more fascinating and pleasurable to use.

If this function isn’t available on your account, try the alternatives we suggested. Have you told your friends about this fantastic feature? If not, inform them immediately that you want to be the star of the group.

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