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Hunter x Hunter Season 7: What Do We Know So Far?

HxH is one of the most recognizable anime series of all time. The anime not only provided an in-depth storyline, but it also executed the manga arcs admirably.

Is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Coming Back Or Cancelled?

HxH has a large fan base that is still hoping for a second season. Since the previous arc demonstrated significant potential, fans have been eagerly anticipating Hunter x Hunter Season 7. 

Because of its popularity, the seventh season would undoubtedly be a huge success. First and foremost, Madhouse did an outstanding job with HxH 2011. 

Madhouse was one of the greatest anime projects of all time, with 148 episodes released over the course of three years. However, the studio was unable to complete another season. 

Madhouse wanted to make Season 7, but a lack of source material prevented them from doing so.

As we all know, the majority of anime is based on manga, light novels, and video games. 

HxH was most likely based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s original work. Togashi clearly had a fantastic run while creating the manga. 

He not only wrote 36 volumes (380+ chapters), but he also captivated his readers with each new chapter.

Why Did Yoshihiro Togashi Quit Making Manga?

The main reason for HxH’s hiatus was, first and foremost, extreme pressure. Because Togashi sensei had created an exceptional piece, the fandom’s expectations skyrocketed

Togashi felt diverted from his life as a result of such pressure and thus decided to pen down his work. However, he wishes to return after a sufficient amount of rest.

Nonetheless, there were rumors that Togashi had a feud with Shueisha over the Hunter x Hunter manga. 

According to rumors, Shueisha wanted to offer another mangaka to draw HxH because Togashi’s drawings couldn’t live up to the hype. 

As a result, Togashi ceased writing and stated that he will be the sole author of HxH.

Will there be a Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter?

Despite the fact that Togashi has stopped drawing the manga, he has written the script for HxH’s future. 

Furthermore, he has asked his wife Naoko Takeuchi (writer of Sailormoon) to finish the manga if he dies. 

As a result, HxH will undoubtedly return. We cannot, however, predict a specific date.

Hunter X Hunter Season 6 Ended on Which Chapter?

The 339th chapter was depicted in Episode 148. As a result, you can begin reading the additional content in chapter 340. 

There are, however, only 391 more chapters. As a result, there is only extra content for 52 chapters.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Hunter Hunter Gonna have a Season 7?

There is currently no release date for new season 7 of Hunter X Hunter.

2. Where can I Watch HXH Season 7?

Prime Video

3. Will Gon Get Nen Back?


4. Will Gon and Killua Meet Again?


5. Who is Gon’s Mom?


6. How Old is Killua in Season 6?

8 years old

7. How Old is Leorio?


8. Did Gon Lose an Arm?


9. Did Gon Lose his Nen Forever?

He had not lost Nen

10. Does Gon Recover after Killing Pitou?

It is heavily implied that Gon’s Nen pores are just back to normal again.

Viz Media distributes the Hunter x Hunter manga worldwide. Furthermore, the anime is available on a variety of platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and others.

Hopefully, you found the information about Hunter x Hunter Season 7 useful. We all want to see another enthralling season with a diverse storyline.

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