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What is the “I’m a Potato” Sound? Viral TikTok Audio Explained

The “I’m a potato” TikTok sound originally appeared in 2020, originating from a now-deleted video. Posted by @KaylaHaynes614.

Potato Trend

@KaylaHaynes614 uploaded a video of her daughter wearing a tomato skin,’ a filter that makes her face look like a tomato. 

Despite the fact that the video was removed, the audio has been played over 140 thousand times.

Soon after the audio went viral, creators all around the world utilized it to capture their pets while they lay down, appearing like a “potato.”

Some of the videos with the soundtrack are re-uploads of the original to pay homage to the sound’s inventor. 

TikToker @Marshallberry79, for example, captioned their video: “Some people need to stop meddling with the original.” Kayla’s child is lovely.”

When @celeste.portigiani tried the fad, she appeared to stand on a stool to make herself look like an angry toddler.

She eventually fell off, but instead of being viral for dismissing the incident, she was blasted in the comments.

There are numerous variations of the “I’m a potato” sound floating around TikTok, but Kayla’s post will forever be remembered as the original trendsetter.

In contrast, the “I’m a Potato” audio and the potato filter are available on Snapchat and Tiktok 



Regardless, the tendency appears to be slowing down at this point, but you may want to investigate the motivation behind posting under this sound before you participate.

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