im just a baby tiktok

What is the Viral ‘I’m just a Baby’ Trend on TikTok?

TikTok users are showing off their adorable pets using the app’s viral ‘Im just a baby tiktok sound. Read on to know the reason behind this sound.

im just a baby tiktok

I’m just a Baby Trend

The sound was originally posted by TikTok user @little.blooming.women, who has 131 thousand of followers. She describes herself as a “Midwest mama and home educator to 4 girls” on her user page. 

The video, titled “Did. She. Stutter?” shows Coco, dressed in a cute denim dress, as her mother instructed her. She tries to explain to Coco that she needs to obey her. 


Fans Used the I’m Just a Baby Sound

The video has been viewed by over 50 million TikTok users since it was posted in February.

People began using the sound in their own videos, recreating the hilarious moment with their pets or creating memes from it.

The sound is featured on many of the most popular and liked posts on video-sharing platforms. The video is about a mother asking her child, Coco, to stop doing something when she asks. The child responds, “I’m just a baby,” and mom repeats that she must obey, only to be met with a much firmer restatement of “I’m just a baby!”



Some of the videos participating in the trend received millions of likes and views on their own. However, it looks like this trend is going to be long-lasting as it does not seem to stop, people are using the sound every day.

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