85 Irish Girl Names for Your Charming Little Princess 2020 Update

85 Irish Girl Names for Your Charming Little Princess 2020 Update.

You should choose a perfect name that is exciting and a little overwhelming for your new daughter. Therefore you should Consider a name inspired by Ireland’s Emerald Isle.

Irish Girl NamesTrying to pick the best girls name in Ireland? Be charmed by this collection of beautiful Irish girl names with Celtic and Gaelic origins

Ireland is enchanting and full of culture, history, and ancient legends. It is well-known for its lush, green landscape and traditional symbols, such as the shamrock and the Celtic cross.

Ireland and its people have had a big influence on the world making contributions to art, science, literature, and much more.

So, whether you want to honor your heritage, or you love the charm, beauty, and mystery of the Emerald Isle.

Take a look at these amazing Irish names to consider for your new little one.

Irish Girl NamesPerfect Irish Girl Names for Your Pretty

  • Keely/Keeley: Meaning: Slender
  • Elva: Meaning: Leader of the Elves
  • Aine: Meaning: Brightness, Splendor
  • Orna: Meaning: Little Pale Green One
  • Caitlin/Caitlyn: Meaning: Pure
  • Magee: Meaning: Son of Hugh
  • Shauna: Meaning: God’s Gracious Gift
  • Aideen: Meaning: Jealousy
  • Bevin: Meaning: Fair Lady, White Lady
  • Arlise: Meaning: Pledge
  • Emer: Meaning: Swift
  • Maeve: Meaning: She Who Intoxicates
  • Alva: Meaning: White
  • Moira: Meaning: Bitter
  • Ryleigh: Meaning: Irish, Courageous
  • Eileen: Meaning: Bright, Shining One
  • Riona: Meaning: Queenly
  • Brigid: Meaning: Strength or Exalted One
  • Aisling: Meaning: Dream, Vision
  • Makenna: Meaning: Happy One
  • Ciara: Meaning: Little Dark One
  • Nessa: Meaning: Not Gentle
  • Rory: Meaning: Red King

Irish Girl Names

  • Glenna: Meaning: Glen
  • Darby: Meaning: Free from Envy, or, from the Deer Estate
  • Clancy: Meaning: Red-Haired Warrior
  • Dallas: Meaning: Skilled
  • Paili: Meaning: Bitter
  • Nela: Meaning: Horn
  • Fallon: Meaning: Leader
  • Aoife: Meaning: Beautiful, Radiant
  • Regan/Reagan: Meaning: Little King
  • Laoise: Meaning: Light; Radiant
  • Roan: Meaning: Little Redhead
  • Mairead: Meaning: Pearl
  • Kailen/Cailin: Meaning: Girl
  • Saoirse: Meaning: Liberty; Freedom
  • Kara: Meaning: Dear, Friend, Face
  • Talulla: Meaning: Lady of Abundance
  • Briana/Brianna: Meaning: Strong; honorable
  • Kennedi: Meaning: Helmet
  • Keira/Kira: Meaning: Little Dark One
  • Deirdre: Meaning: Raging
  • Fania: Meaning: Ring
  • Adina: Meaning: Slender, Delicate
  • Ashlyn: Meaning: Dream
  • Cara: Meaning: Dear, Friend, Face
  • Imogen: Meaning: Maiden; Innocent
  • Orla: Meaning: Golden Princess

Cute Irish Girl Names for Your Princess

  • Shannon: Meaning: Old and Wise
  • Siobhan: Meaning: God’s Grace; Full of Charm
  • Kayleigh: Meaning: Fair; Slim
  • Roisin: Meaning: Little Rose
  • Noreena: Meaning: Honor, Light
  • Kady: Meaning: First
  • Carey: Meaning: Dark, Black
  • Bedelia/Bidalia: Meaning: Strength or Exalted One
  • Annabella: Meaning: Loving
  • Finn: Meaning: White, Fair
  • Enya: Meaning: Fire
  • Aileen: Meaning: Bright, shining light
  • Goldie: Meaning: Yiddish, Gold
  • Erin: Meaning: From the Island to the West
  • Breena: Meaning: Fairy Place
  • Fia: Meaning: Wild or Weaver
  • Kerry: Meaning: Dark-haired
  • Sorcha: Meaning: Bright; Radiant
  • Kathleen: Meaning: Pure
  • Beatha: Meaning: Life
  • Ita: Meaning: Thirst
  • Dara: Meaning: Pearl of Wisdom, or Oak Tree
  • Cassidy: Meaning: Curly-Haired
  • Sinead: Meaning: God is Gracious
  • Riley: Meaning: Courageous
  • Ethne: Meaning: Kernel
  • Maureen: Meaning: Hebrew, Bitter
  • Tully: Meaning: Flood, Peaceful, Hill
  • Fiona: Meaning: Fair; Beautiful
  • Finley: Meaning: Fair-haired hero
  • Tara: Meaning: Rocky Hill
  • Sheena: Meaning: God is Gracious
  • Nora: Meaning: Torch
  • Colleen: Meaning: girl

Irish Girl NamesIn short, choosing a name with proper sense is very important.

Do you know of any Irish girl name that isn’t here? Lets see it in the comment section.

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