is noahj456 leaving youtube

100 Thieves’ NoahJ456 Reverses Decision to Leave YouTube Days After Announcement

Noahj456 is a well-known Youtuber, best known for his gaming videos and streams. He made a video announcing his retirement.

is noahj456 leaving youtube

Is Noahj456 Leaving Youtube?

He announced his retirement on his most recent YouTube video upload on May 1st, 100 Thieves member and Youtuber NoahJ456 have declared that he will postpone his retirement

Noahj456 just reached a big professional milestone when his YouTube channel surpassed 5 million subscribers. 

The Youtuber has been on the platform for years and has progressively grown his popularity with detailed videos covering practically everything about the Call of Duty franchise and, more recently, Among Us and Resident Evil 8.

The Youtuber Posted a Video

He did, however, post a YouTube video titled “The End,” in which NoahJ is clutching a card with a “I love you” inscription.

The video includes a selection of the best moments from his channels as well as a message from him to his supporters. “I will be going after this video,” he said in the video. 

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to return. Don’t be depressed since it’s all over. “You never know what the future will bring.” 

Since his big announcement, several of his fans were conflicted because they wanted Noah to return as soon as possible while still knowing that their favorite YouTuber deserved a long sabbatical.



The CoD content creator also left his fans wondering when he’d return. However, observing the reactions to his statement has made Noah want to return.

Fans want Noah to return as soon as possible, but they also recognize that their favorite YouTuber deserves a long rest.

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