Is The Deez Nuts Guy Dead? Welven Da Great Death Hoax Debunked

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Is The Deez Nuts Guy Still Alive? Explained: Welven Da Great Death Hoax

You’ve probably seen The Deez Nuts Guy’s short comedy sketch video from 2015. Following the viral video, the guy became an internet sensation after setting social media on fire with a 15-second video.

However, rumors of his death have recently flooded the internet. Determine whether or not they are true.

Is The Deez Nuts Guy Dead?

No, The Deez Nuts Guy is not currently dead.

Despite the internet’s craze that the former social media viral sensation has died. It has been established that he is alive and well. The comedian addressed the rumors, urging people not to believe them.

Welven Da Great confirmed his cousin’s survival by sitting beside him. He has also stated that he has not improved.

Welven Da Great Death Hoax Debunked: Dead Rumors

The Deez Nuts Guy is trending on YouTube once more.
But it has nothing to do with his video or comedy sketches this time. On YouTube, one of the fans started a rumor that the comedian had died. The rumor quickly spread and became an internet hoax, thanks entirely to Reddit and Youtube users.

Your favorite comedian, on the other hand, is very much alive and well. He has only reacted to rumors of his death, and the reaction is, as usual, hilarious.

The man is best known for his YouTube videos in which he performs hilarious impersonations and stand-up comedy.

Meet The Deez Nuts Guy on Instagram

The Deez Nuts Guy is a YouTube and Instagram sensation with thousands of followers.

His Instagram account can be found here. Welven’s Instagram account already has more than 110k followers. Likewise, his YouTube videos have received millions of views.

But the Deez Nuts Guy is Still Alive in 2022

We can confirm that Welven Da Great is alive and well: he isn’t very active on social media, but here’s a post from December 2021 in which he appears to be alive and well.

But Is he OK?

Reports of distressing situations continue to worry his fans about his safety and sanity. Photos and videos of him in critical condition have circulated.

Several YouTubers also claimed to have seen him very drunk in Las Vegas – but who isn’t?

Interestingly, Olympic athlete and professional wrestler Jeff Cobb posted a photo of himself with Welven Da Great – but delivered a low blow to Welven by claiming he didn’t charge him for the photo (see Jeff’s tweet below).

There were numerous reports that the Deez Nuts guy was charging anywhere from $5 to $20 for fan photos with him. But who could blame him for trying to cash in on his celebrity?

To his defense, many fans who have met him say he is a great guy who is a lot of fun to be around. Don’t always believe sensationalist media reports that are constantly looking for drama.

Who is The Deez Nuts Guy?

Welven Harris, also known as Welven Da Great or The Deez Nuts Guy, was born with mental and physical disabilities in May 1988. He is currently 33 years old and will be 34 in May 2022. He was born in Long Beach, California, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

People began to inquire about ‘Deez Nuts,’ and it was then that we realized what a great guy Welven Da Great was. He soon began to appear on a variety of television shows. Kevin Hart even did a quick 30-minute repeat of his YouTube video, which is worth watching.

His Instagram account is filled with photos of him with his female fans:

His Social Links

How Did The Deez Nuts Guy Become Famous?

The Deez Nuts epidemic began when Welven Da Great uploaded his prank “Deez Nuts” to YouTube.

Within a few days, it went viral, and most people were taken aback by the joke. He was only 17 years old at the time, but he is now famous for inventing one of the greatest internet jokes in history.



1. Who is the deez nuts guy on Instagram?

His full name is “Welven Harris,” and he is also known as “Welven Da Great.” Following the virality of his short 50-second video, the “Deez nuts guy” became an internet sensation and was invited to appear on several TV and radio shows.

What is Welven da great Known for?
Welven da Great is an actor who has appeared in films such as Good Cop Bad Cop (2018), The Wayback: A Real YouTube Rewind…

3. How old is Deez Nuts Guy

33 Years

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