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Ishan Sehgal is a model, actor, and social media personality from India.

He is a fantastic actor who worked as a crew member for J.A.I (Jet Airways International).

Also, he appears in several songs, including Pagalpan, Viah, and others.

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He is a 26-year-old actor who worked as a crew member for J.A.I (jet airways international).

He visited Mumbai in 2014 and looked forward to an intense six months of training after settling in “Delhi.”

Within a month of quitting his previous job a half year after taking an intense.

He returned to Mumbai and zeroed in on his main Bollywood vocation for the possibility of continuing as an actor.

He also takes care of his body by exercising every day.


Sehgal. Ishaan finished his education at a Delhi high school. Sehgal’s graduation date has yet to be announced.

Ishaan Sehgal’s Physique

Ishaan Sehgal stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 75kg.

He has dark Brown Eyes

The color of his hair is black

Ishaan Sehgal’s Career

He was extremely aroused and focused, which aided him in his profession in the long run.

Coming to Mumbai regularly and auditioning for TV commercials, print shoots, and serials.

He set aside time for an MTV game called “FANAAH,”

And finished an equal lead role in the TV course of action. In the midst of it all.

Ishaan also designed slope walks around his showbiz for some well-known makers.

And he also went for some beer and accumulated TATA DOCOMO, US POLO, Men’s prosperity, LAVA Mobile, and film.

Ishaan Sehgal’s Networth

Ishaan Sehgal is a well-known Indian actor, fashion model, brand influencer, and television personality.

He earns money from brands, television shows, and music. They estimated his net worth to be $200K.

Family of Ishan Sehgal

Ishan Sehgal is from a Sikh family. Moreover, every year, the boy celebrates his birthday.

His father’s name is unknown, and his mother’s name is unknown as well.

His information about his sibling is unavailable.

Lovelife of Ishaan Sehgal

Bigg Boss 15’s blossoming romance between Ishaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer has been witnessed and made headlines.

Ishaan Sehgal was seen expressing his feelings to Miesha Iyer.

Ishan Sehgal Wiki, Birth Place

Ishan Sehgal is an Indian model and actor. His full name is Ishan Sehgal, but he goes by Ishan.

Delhi is his hometown. His birthday is in 1994.

According to sources, Ishan Sehgal is 27 years old. His religion is Sikh He primarily works in Indian films, serials, and short films.

However, he is a fantastic actor who worked as a crew member for J.A.I (Jet Airways International).

However, he was seen in Bigg Boss 15 as a contestant. Also, he appears in some songs, including Pagalpan, and Viah.

Ishaan Sehgal’s Biography

He was born in 1994, and he is now 27 years old and attended school in his hometown.

Also, he works as an actor and model in India.

He has appeared in several songs, including Pagalpan, Viah, and others, and has received numerous awards.

Ishaan Sehgal is a good opponent for Umar Riaz.

A popular Bigg Boss 15 contestant and the brother of Bigg Boss 13 contestant Asim Riaz.

Ishaan Sehgal is also well-known because of his athletic physique and attractive appearance.

Ishaan Sehgal is a female fan favorite. His dashing appearance and sultry physique appeal to women.

Sehgal is many people’s favorite Bigg Boss 15 contestant.

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Facts About Ishaan Sehgal 

Ishan’s father is a successful businessman from Bareilly. He finished his studies in Delhi before pursuing his passion.

And establishing himself in the modeling and acting industries.

He has endorsed several well-known brands, including Sprite, Dairy Milk, and Pure Casino.

Also, he was seen in the STAR Plus TV show Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

Additional Facts

Alongside Narayani Shastri, Mahima Makwana, and Sangita Ghosh.

However, he was praised for his supporting role, and as a result, he rose to prominence in the television industry.

Before becoming a full-time model and actor, he worked as a Jet Airways crew member.

He is a fitness fanatic who has achieved fantastic physical shape through a strict exercise regimen.

Ishan appeared in a Bigg Boss 10 promotional video with actress Mahira Sharma.

He is also well-known on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Ishaan Sehgal was born and raised in Delhi, India, by his parents.

Ishaan Sehgal likes to listen to music, travel, act, sing, dance, model, and work out at the gym.

Ieshaan Sehgaal’s favorite pet is a dog.

Ishan Sehgal is an Indian model, actor, and social media personality. Many people consider Sehgal to be their favorite Bigg Boss 15 contestant. He has been a spokesperson for several well-known brands, including Sprite, Dairy Milk, and Pure Casino.

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