island boy girlfriend

Island Boy KodiyakRedd Faces Assault Allegations from Girlfriend

Frank, one of the Island Boys, is accused of assaulting his girlfriend, which she posted online. For the complete account, continue reading.

island boy girlfriend

Itsmontiibabii went live and displayed her battered face while sobbing uncontrollably. She claimed that the viral couple was in charge of the same.

Many internet users expressed concern as itsmontiibabii (also known as Montaisha) went online on the social media platform. She said that “she can barely see” and had a bulging eye. 

However, it is still unknown if the Island Boys were still with her when she said she had phoned the police.

Even though Montiasha’s Instagram account is now inactive, she recently said, “Y’all want to be a “Island Girl” so bad, go ahead and be one.” 

This is a direct response to KodiyakRedd. Let me demonstrate the daily beating an Island Girl receives. treated with contempt. Never trust the fairytale they try to offer you.

Many people have arrived in Montaisha’s favor. She carried on sobbing and recounting her tragic tale on the Instagram Livestream. Franky, one of the Island Boys, appears to have cheated on her.

About the Island Boys

Franky and Alex, the Island Boys, are identical twins. Their mother cared for them because their father had died while they were little. 

They were also sentenced to prison for fighting without permission. The Island Boys stated that they were concerned about their future and wanted to become famous.



Kodiyakredd, alias Francky, is said to blame for Montaisha’s physical attack. She posted a photo of herself with Franky that has gone viral on social media.

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