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Island Boys Shock Fans with Hair Transformation as Iconic Style Gets Chopped

The Island Boys have officially chopped off their iconic hair, opting for a completely new look that has fans stunned, and I would say they look better in their new haircut.

The Island Boys

Rap duo ‘the Island Boys’ first appeared on the scene late last year after their song of the same name went viral on the internet.

The song became an instant earworm, wriggling its way into everyone’s subconscious and catapulting the brothers to social media stardom but not everyone was pleased.

Despite their popularity, the two have received some criticism, including being booed at their first live performance and being the target of thrown drinks at Jake Paul’s boxing rematch against Tyron Woodley.

In fact, Logan Paul, a YouTube star, asked the duo how they styled their hair in such a way, to which they replied that they used a crocheting hook.

The Island Boys Surprised their Fans with their New Look

The Island Boys’ sudden transformation has sparked quite a reaction on social media, with users giving their thoughts on the new look

In fact, the duo has already responded to a few negative comments about their latest style… one of which referred to the duo as the ‘Coconut Boys.’

For the time being, it appears that the rappers are turning a new leaf following the success of their ‘Island Boy’ song, which they admitted to thinking was “trash” before it went viral.


After months of fame and fortune, the Island Boys decided to get ‘the big chop,’ now sporting buzz cuts that give the two a completely different vibe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Buzz Cut

For the t time, leave the rubber bands in for 3 weeks to a month. After that, remove the rubber bands and check to see if your hair is starting to lock on its own. 
If it isn’t locked, replace the rubber bands and wait for 3 to 4 weeks.

Yes, they did

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After Rejecting Valuable Advice on Logan Paul’s Podcast, The Island Boys Are Now ‘Broke’

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office confirmed a SWAT team raided Alex and Franky Venegas’ Florida rental home in February 2022, according to TMZ. 
The search resulted in the arrest of the Island Boys’ childhood friend, Andrew James Thomas, in connection with Ronziyah Atkins’ death.

They are 20 years old

Kanye West

They are from South Florida

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