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Viral Island Boys Boxing Clip brutally Roasted: “Somebody Please Feed them”

So, in a video, the Island boys were throwing punches at each other, which went viral and received some negative feedback from fans. Let’s know the story.

The Island Boys Fight

During the boxing, the Island boys used thirty seconds to throw punches at the air while making fight sounds, and then you hear offscreen, “ay tell ’em all where they can book you at.” 

The twins then begin selling their cameos, mirroring another boxing video posted to the twin brother’s account with the same cameo promotion.

On Twitter, ESPN Ringside asks viewers to “Rate the Island Boys’ boxing skills 1-10,” with many commenting “Zero.”

Some Fans Comments

The Island boys have been mocked in comments on the videos and on Twitter. CoreyB, a comedian and boxer, stormed in, screaming “Shit.” I thought I was watching two feral cats fight.”

Bradley Martyn, a fitness influencer, also voiced his opinion, though in a much simpler way, simply replying, “What?”

“We need you.” It looks fantastic. It appears to be lively. Those guys appear to have promotional abilities.

To have that energy of becoming a true brand once more. Isn’t that Steve Austin? The Stone. The Hulkster. 

Do you want dolls made of yourself? Do you want a job? Do you want to create brands? Do you want to own tequila businesses? Sure thing. But you’d better get into boxing shape, “Ellin stated.



Perhaps the island boys were just playing, or perhaps they were exercising; no one knows why they were boxing, and they haven’t said anything about it.

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