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Jackie Redmond Biography; Age, Height, Hometown, Dad And Boyfriend

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In a society dominated by men, certain women, such as Jackie Redmond, have made a difference and demonstrated that some women do have what it takes to hold their own in sporting concerns. Read on to learn more about Jackie.

Biography of Jackie Redman

Jackie Redmond was born on April 12, 1986, in Toronto, Canada, as one of her parents’ two daughters of white ethnic heritage.

She was raised alongside her sister by their father, Steve, an athlete who had a huge effect on his girls as they both grew up adoring the game of hockey, which they both played.

Jackie, for one, is a huge baseball and basketball enthusiast. Jackie received her whole schooling in Canada, where she graduated with a BA in media studies from the University of Guelph-Humber in 2006.

She went on to earn a journalism diploma in 2010. Jackie Redmond worked as an intern for Entertainment Tonight Canada after graduating.

Jackie Redmond served as an intern for Entertainment Tonight Canada for four months.

This was after graduating until landing her big break in 2011 when she won season three of Gillette Drafted: The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster.

Jackie’s Victory

This victory was historic because she was the first girl to win the competition.

Since her victory, which made her a desirable target for sports networks, Redmond has worked for a number of major networks, including Sportsnet Central and WWE.

Working for these networks, she quickly became known for not backing down from media appearances, owing to her authoritative voice as an on-air personality.


Jackie was named one of the 60 sexiest female sports reporters in 2013 and has an excellent physique with a height of 5 feet 6 inches, so she doesn’t lack in assets that attract men.

The Canadian television host, on the other hand, is known for her low-key personal life.


Jackie Redmond’s work with Sportsnet includes co-hosting the daily sports show ‘[email protected]’ with Cam Stewart, covering the NHL playoffs for hockey central’s ‘Playoff extra’ with co-host Brad May.

Hosting the WWE Experience, WWE Aftermath, WWE Ask the Ref, and covering NCAA Hockey Broadcasts (WCHA).

There is no doubt that Jackie has piqued the interest of her viewers, and media outlets have been doing everything they can to promote her.

Her most recent achievement was obtaining a contract to host on the NHL and MLB Networks.  She was on the cover of ‘On the Go,’ which is claimed to be Toronto’s favorite commuter publication.

The section recorded her thoughts on WWE, Misplays, Karma, and Life in General, much to the joy of her many admirers who are ready to hear what she has to say.

In addition, Jackie was hired as the Gillette spokesperson for a one-year deal, making her the first female in North America to hold that position.

One of her presentations, “Plays of the Month,” became a sensation, prompting the creation of another, “Misplays of the Month.”

The former featured a countdown of the top monthly plays, while the latter featured all of the stupid and silly things that happen in sports

Jackie’s commitment to her job, combined with her excitement, enabled her to cover the 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships.

Net Worth

Jackie has done well for herself as a media celebrity and still has a lot to give. Her net worth is $400 000.

Given that the media sensation is nowhere near retiring from sports reporting, her net worth is anticipated to skyrocket in the coming years.

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FAQs on Jackie Redman

1. How Old is Jackie?

She is 36 years old

2. Where was Jackie Born?

She was born in Toronto

3. Which University did she go to?

She went to the University of Guelph-Humber

4. Which Year did Jackie Graduate from University?

She graduated from the university in the year 2006

5. How many Years did she Serve as an Intern for Entertainment Tonight Canada?

She did not serve for a year she served for a period of only four months

6. How Tall is Jackie?

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall

7. What is Jackie’s Occupation?

Jackie works with the Sportsnet

8. What is the Name of Jackie’s Father

Her father’s name is Steve Redmon

9. Is Jackie Married?

No, she is not married

10. What is Jackie’s Net Worth

Her net worth is $400 000

Jackie is in the dating scene but is not married. However, Jackie enjoys traveling, even when she is not working. She considers herself a travel and tour junkie who also enjoys spending money.

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