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Jaden Hossler Claims Nessa Barrett ‘Saved his Life’ as People Criticize Relationship

Jaden Hossler, a TikTok star and singer, has called out those who have criticized his relationship with Nessa Barrett, claiming she saved his life.

Jaden and Nessa are Dating

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossle made their relationship public in April after they were both embroiled in a major drama with their ex-partners, Mads Lewis and Josh Richards.

Although the couple, who are both influencers and musicians, received a lot of flak for going public with their relationship so soon after the drama.

Despite the fervor of the controversy, the couple has remained together ever since.

Despite the fact that things have calmed down significantly, ‌not everyone has forgotten what happened several months ago, and people continue to send Nessa and Jaden hate over the situation.


Jaden Responded to a Comment

On September 26, Jaden responded to a comment claiming he was going to cheat on Nessa while on tour promoting his new album, writing, “That’s my girl and always will be.”

However, the backlash persisted, and on September 19, Jaden posted a lengthy text response on his Instagram story.

“I just wanted to say I’ve seen some dumbasses online saying dumbasses sh*t,” he wrote. “Because we are genuinely happy, we are open enough to put our relationship online.” 

You have no idea what anyone has gone through, so stop tearing into people you’ve never met.”

Jaden Confessed his Love Online

He went on to say how much Nessa means to him, saying, “I’ve never found joy as I found with Nessa.” 

You have no idea how much she deserves the world. I know it won’t help much because people on the internet are toxic as f**k, but since everyone else was, I figured I’d join in. “This woman saved my life.”

After that, he posted another story pleading with people to be “nice and positive” — but people have continued to criticize the couple.

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