Jayda Wayda’s Journey to Millions, Early Life and Rise to Fame

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Jayda Wayda, aka Amour Jayda, is a well-known Instagram personality. She is a successful entrepreneur who sells wigs, clothing, accessories, and other hair-related products in addition to being an Instagram influencer.

Jayda quickly rose to prominence on social media, garnering particular attention for her book, ’15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss.’ ‘Amourayda’ is the name of her online store.

She shares tutorials, product reviews, travel vlogs, and beauty tips on her YouTube channel.

Jayda Wayda’s Early Life and Rise to Fame 

Jayda Wayda was born in Georgia on September 25, 1997. Jayada Chaeaves is the young millionaire’s given name.

Many people are perplexed when they hear ‘Jayda Wayda,’ unsure if it is the same person.

They are, indeed. Her given name is Jayda Wayda, but she is also known as ‘Amour Jayda’ or ‘Jayda Ayanna.’

Tricia Cheaves is her mother’s name, but little is known about her father.

She has an older brother, Len, and a younger sister, Ammerah.

Jayda graduated from high school in 2015 and began her current job right away.

Jayda was well-known on social media in her hometown of Savannah, Georgia before breaking out on the national stage.

Her entrepreneurial spirit, however, predates social media.

Jayda recalls selling baked goods from her grandmother at school.

She took that spirit to Poshmark, an online marketplace where she sold her barely worn clothes.

Jayda was inspired to start her own clothing line after seeing how quickly her clothes sold.

Jayda had her own brand when she was only 16 years old. Her social media following expanded as well.

Jayda Wayda’s fame skyrocketed after it was revealed that she was dating rapper Lil Baby.

She now has her own clothing line as well as her own hairline.

She launched her YouTube channel on August 4, 2018, with the video “Welcome to Jayda Cheaves YouTube Channel.”

Her account quickly grew in subscribers and views, and she has continued to post useful tips as well as entertaining videos of her family and travel.

Jayda Wayda’s “The Young Boss Blueprint”

Wayda was a successful entrepreneur before graduating from high school.

Three years after graduation, she published “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Important Steps to Become a Young Boss,” a book about her experiences.

Her fans inspired her to write this book.

Before she wrote the book, Jayda received messages from fans asking her how they could become millionaires like her.

She would respond when she was able, but the questions kept coming, so writing a book was an easy way to answer this question for everyone.

Jayda tells her story of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age in “The Young Boss Blueprint.”

She explains how enthusiasm, as well as the ability to complete tasks quickly, can help you achieve far greater things in life.

She provided several helpful pieces of advice on how to become a successful entrepreneur in the book.

Who Is Jayda Wayda’s Dating?

Jayda’s most well-known relationship is with rapper Lil Baby.

The couple has been together on and off for years and has a son named Loyal Armani.

There have been rumors that Lil Baby is dating rapper/singer Saweetie, so it’s unclear what the status of their relationship is right now.

Jayda Wayda’s Net Worth

Jayda’s net worth is unknown, as it is with most influencers.

She told a publication that she made 2.5 million dollars from her hair brand alone between 2016 and 2018.

This does not include brand endorsements, her clothing line, YouTube, modeling, or any of her other business ventures.

So it’s probably safe to say Jayda’s net worth is somewhere between $2 and $5 million, if not more.

Jayda Wayda’s Future Business Plans

Jayda Wayda wants to open her own hair salon, store, and spa all in one location.

And she doesn’t just want to own stores in the United States; she wants to rule the world.

She believes it will be a two-story structure where you can get all of your products and services in one location.

Jayda has three rules she follows at all times to accomplish this.

  • Maintain consistency.
  • Concentrate on yourself.
  • Be True to Yourself



1. What is Jayda wayda famous for?
Jayda Wayda was born in Georgia, United States. Her real name is Jayda Wayda, but she goes by Jayda Wayda. As of 2021, she is 23 years old. She is an American YouTuber, Social Media Star, an Instagram celebrity who is best known for her make-up and travel videos on her YouTube channel.

2. Are Jayda and Lil Baby still together?

Jayda Cheaves Announces Ending Her Relationship With Lil Baby: “Y’all Will See” Jayda Cheaves has announced the end of her relationship with Lil Baby, months after the two rekindled their romance.

3. What is Jayda wayda’s net worth?

Jayda Cheaves is an American social media personality, Instagram star, YouTuber, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $4 million US as of 2022.

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