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David Says Jeff ‘s Accident Was ‘the Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened’

– Jeff Wittek Accident –

YouTuber David Dobrik said he would “do anything” to relive an incident in June 2020 that left Jeff Wittek seriously injured. Continue reading to find out what happened on that fateful day.

David Dobrik

YouTuber David Dobrik has spoken out about his feud with fellow Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek.

Wittek, 32, said late last month that he no longer speaks to Dobrik, 25, following an unpleasant incident in June 2020 that left Wittek gravely injured.

Dobrik spoke out on his VIEWS video podcast on Tuesday, telling listeners his side of the incident.”That Jeff thing is the worst

That was the worst thing that could have happened to me. “I would do everything to relive that day,” he remarked.

Dobrik continued, “I wish it was me up there,” after admitting that he was “shaking” when narrating the incident. It’s the most awful event that has ever happened.

It’s the most awful event that has ever happened. That’s exactly what it was. It happened by chance.”

The Accident

Wittek suffered facial and head injuries after being hung on a rope attached to an excavator in June 2020.

Dobrik was running the construction equipment at the time, and a video of the incident was later uploaded to YouTube in April 2021. (The video has now been removed.)

Dobrik stated during the interview that it was never his purpose to “hurt” Wittek before expressing his own hypothesis as to why he believes Wittek is furious with him.

“I believe one of the primary reasons Jeff is upset with me right now is that he watched me do an interview where I mentioned something that I told him I’d keep between us,” Dobrik explained. “He’s upset because I broke a commitment.”

Later, he continued, “‘Can you promise me one thing?’ he asks. Can you just promise that no one would ever know it was my idea?'”

Dobrik also stated that the video was made as a comeback post for his channel and that he drove the vehicle.

The Injury

“He was injured because I was driving,” Dobrik explained. “That’s it, and If—-ing know it, and as I said, any chance I got, I’d take it back… That will be my worst regret in life.

My entire existence. “I sincerely hope there isn’t another moment in my life that I regret as much as that one.”

Wittek’s representative has been contacted for comment.

Wittek remarked last month on his Jeff FM podcast about his breakup with Dobrik, “I’m done being false pals with that motherf**kers—.”

Following the accident, he claims his former friend “doesn’t text me, doesn’t check in.”

“I’ve been protecting this person for so long, and there’s so much more to the story than him not texting me for a week after such a dramatic surgery where I could’ve gone blind,” Wittek explained on his podcast.


FAQs on Jeff Wittek Accident

1. What Happened to Jeff Wittek and David Dobrik?

To make a splash, Dobrik drove an excavator in a tiny lake while Wittek hanged from a rope tied to the excavator’s arm.

Wittek was smashed against the machine’s arm as Dobrik halted it, sustaining a shattered skull, a fractured eye socket, a broken hip, a broken foot, and a leg injury.

2. Dobrik Harmed Jeff Wittek?

David Dobrik described the 2020 accident that gravely injured his former friend Jeff Wittek as his “greatest regret.” “At the end of the day, I was the one who f–ked drove it.”

3. Is Jeff Wittek’s Vision Impaired?

Wittek stated at the start of the episode that he “I just underwent eye surgery,” she says, adding, “and it was a terrible procedure.”

4. Dobrik Harmed Jeff in what Way?

Jeff Wittek suffered many facial and skull fractures as a result of the accident while swinging on an extractor machine controlled by David Dobrik.

5. How old is Jeff Wittek?

He is 33 years old

6. Is Jeff legally Blind in one Eye?

Jeff Wittek has lost eyesight in one of his eyes.

7. Who is Jeff Wittek’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Cierra Ramirez is Jeff Wittek’s ex-girlfriend

8. Is Jeff Suffering from Brain Damage?

In a video for his series, Jeff asked Dr. Amen, “Can we jump straight into, do I have a brain injury, yes or no?” Which elicited the feared one-word response: “Yes.”

9. Is Jeff Wittek still friends with David?


10. What is Jeff Wittek’s Weight and Height?

Body dimensions Jeff Wittek is 6 feet 1 inch tall (185 cms)and he weighs 82 kilograms (181 pounds).

Dobrik stated during the interview that it was never his purpose to “hurt” Wittek before expressing his own hypothesis as to why he believes Wittek is furious with him.

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