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Jen Carfagno is the most popular American television meteorologist, and this page is about her. Continue reading to find out more about her.

About Jen Carfagno

Jennifer “Jen” Carfagno was born on July 19, 1976, in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, United States.

She is a television meteorologist in the United States who presently works for The Weather Channel (TWC). Jen presently co-hosts AMHQ weekdays from 6 to 9 a.m.

She attended Penn State in State College, Pennsylvania, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology in 1998.

At 4:00 a.m. on November 12, 2013, she and Alex Wallace debuted all-new “Weather All the Time” visuals for The Weather Channel on Weather Center Live.

Neil McGillis is her husband’s name, and she has two kids named Natalie and Kelly.

Jen’s Twitter feed indicates 993,000 followers as of April 20, 2018, at 1:11 a.m. ET. The page also displays a level of activity of roughly 21,300 Tweets.

She is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 60 kg. Her salary and net worth are unknown to the public

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FAQs on Jen Carfagno

1. How Old is Jen?

She is 46 years old

2. Where was Jen Born?


3. How Old is Jen

She is 2.5 m tall

4. Did Jane leave The Weather Channel?

Fortunately, Jen will not be leaving The Weather Channel.

Her most recent Instagram posts, in fact, show her hosting America’s Morning Headquarters on The Weather Channel alongside meteorologist Tevin Wooten.

However, it appears that she has lately taken a vacation. She can be seen having fun at the beach in a few Instagram images.

5. Who just Departed from The Weather Channel?

After three years at the Weather Channel, veteran TV weather anchor Sam Champion will host his final show on Tuesday, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution blogger Rodney Ho.

6. What Happened to Jordan Steele?

Meteorologist on-camera Jordan Steele is an award-winning on-camera meteorologist who will begin working for The Weather Channel in early 2020.

He assisted in the introduction of a new format known as QUIBI and now works with the AMHQ team.

7. What Happened to The Weather Channel’s Weather Underground?

Weather Underground discontinued its popular application programming interface (API) for weather data on December 31, 2018, severely decreasing the breadth of its services.

8. Who Exactly is Neil McGillis?

Neil McGillis is the Global Weather Solutions Director at The Weather Company, an IBM Business.

9. Does Jim Cantore have a Wife?

Tamra Cantore

10. Who is Jacqui Jeras?
Jacqui Jeras is a CNN Worldwide meteorologist and weather anchor. She works out of CNN’s global headquarters in Atlanta.
People were wondering if Jen was quitting the company, although she is no longer alive. She enjoys working there and is highly compensated. She is, nevertheless, having the time of her life with her family.

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