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Look: Joe Burrow Suffered A Jersey Malfunction On Sunday

– Joe Burrow no Name on Jersey –

It’s unusual to see an NFL player without a nameplate. Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, on the other hand, was playing for the name on the front of the jersey. Continue reading to learn more.

Who is Joe Burrow

According to his NFL bio, Joe is a football player who grew up in Athens, Ohio.

Where he attended Athens High School and earned Ohio’s Mr. Football award after passing for nearly 4,500 yards and leading his team to the state finals.

He attended Ohio State University for his first two years of college before transferring to Louisiana State in the middle of his career.

Joe had what some fans considered the best single-season by a quarterback in college football history while playing for LSU’s Tigers.

He not only set LSU, NEC, and NCAA records, but he also led the team to a 15–0 record and a national championship.

And he won the Heisman Trophy by the largest margin ever.

Joe Changed the Name on his Jersey

Joe changed his jersey to read “Burreaux” instead of “Burrow” for LSU’s 2019 Senior Night game, his final game in Tiger Stadium.

The alternate spelling was a nod to his Louisiana Cajun heritage as well as a show of support for the state that welcomed him.

According to ESPN reporter Marty Smith, Joe came up with the idea on his own and approached the team’s equipment staff with it.

According to the Associated Press, Joe said before the Senior Night game, “This place means so much to me.”

“Everyone has been wonderful. The reaction of the people in Louisiana to an Ohio kid who transferred here was something I never expected to happen.

It’s been an incredible two years, and I hope I can express my gratitude to the fans.”

What has Joe Accomplished with the Bengals

Joe joined the Bengals after the Bengals selected him with the first overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Joe had the most completions by an NFL quarterback in their first ten career games last year.

He was also on pace to break multiple Bengals single-season passing records before suffering a knee injury that forced him to miss the rest of the season.

Joe, on the other hand, was back on the field in 2021, wowing fans and teammates alike.

Cincinnati cornerback Chidobe Awuzie told ESPN, “He’s our young leader.”

“He’s the one who keeps this thing running. In every game, he gives us a chance.”

Joe’s Jersey Malfunction

Burrow had a bit of a jersey malfunction during Sunday’s game. With his nameplate hanging off before being ripped off on the sideline.

You can bet that after this performance, everyone knows who No. 9 is.

The Bengals and Chiefs were all tied with six minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Keep an eye on the situation in Ohio as it gets closer to the finish line.

Chris Jones Ripped Joe Burrow’s Name Off his Jersey

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals faced their toughest test yet this Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs visited town.

Through three quarters, the Bengals fought back from a two-touchdown deficit, cutting it to four points in the early fourth quarter.

Burrow dropped back to take the lead, only to be met by All-Pro DT Chris Jones bursting through the line.

Burrow stepped up to avoid Jones and gained a few yards on a broken play.

Jones managed to rip off Burrow’s nameplate in the process, and the second-year quarterback played the rest of the drive without his name on his jersey.

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1. Who is Joe?

Joe is a football player

2. Which High School did he go to?

He went to Athens High school

3. Which University did he Attend?

He attended Ohio State University for his first two years of college before transferring to Louisiana State

4. When did Joe Join the Bengals?

He joined the Bengals in 2020

5. What is Joe’s Jersy’s Number?

His jersey’s number is 9

6. Who Ripped Joe’s Name of his Jersey

Chris Jones Ripped Joe’s Name Off his Jersey.

7. Is it true that Joe Won the Heisman Trophy?

Yes, it is true

8. Joe Burrow Threw how many Touchdowns in 2019?

He finished the 2019 season with 60 passing touchdowns, breaking Colt Brennan’s 2006 single-season FBS record.

9. How did Joe Burrow’s Hand get Broken?

Wilson stated that the injury occurred on Monday during a drill when Burrow’s hand was struck by a helmet.

“It was a bad day,” Wilson admitted. “[Quarterback Dwayne Haskins] and Joe were fighting hard, which is unfortunate for [Burrow].”

10. Why did Joe Change the Name on his Jersey? from Burrow to Burreaux

On Thanksgiving Day, Burrow informed his family of his plans for the alternate spelling. “Knowing Joe, he probably won’t want to sell it,” Stringfellow predicted.

“Because he wanted it with ‘Burreaux’ on the back to express his appreciation and gratitude to LSU fans and the state of Louisiana.”

On the day, Joe Burrow has a pass completion percentage of 26-34.

On the ground, he gained 370 yards and scored four touchdowns (and counting). Cincy can pull off a nice upset win over the top-seeded Chiefs if Burrow and the offense can close the deal at home.

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