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How to Play Kanye West’s ‘Heardle’ Song Guessing Game

Although the Wordle craze has passed, a clone called ‘Heardle’ is still going strong, and there’s an option to only guess Kanye West songs.

Kanye West Heardle is a new Heardle game that has taken over the internet. The site looks almost identical to the regular Heardle game but is in no way related to it.

The only difference in this version is that everything is entirely Kanye West-themed.

That means that all the songs played are from the best-selling rapper’s albums, but they could be from any of them.

Ye has released eleven studio albums, so unless you’re a Kanye superfan, the game isn’t easy.

Heardle comes in a variety of forms. There’s a general game in which any song by any artist could be played, as well as artist-specific versions, such as one for Harry Styles and, yes, Kanye.

If you want to try Kanye’s Heardle, you can do so by searching “Kanye West Heardle.”

How to Play Kanye West Heardle

The game can finally begin once you’re on the page. You begin by playing one second of a song. If you can figure it out from just that clip, you’ve won!

However, in most cases, you will require additional assistance. You have the option of guessing at random or skipping. Both of these options will reveal an additional second of the song clip.

If that doesn’t work, keep guessing or skipping until you’ve unlocked a total of 16 seconds of the song. However, if you become stuck, you can use the skip button to hear more of the song.

You can skip up to six times, each time revealing more of the track, but the goal is to guess the tune with the fewest number of skips.



Kanye West Heardle, like Wordle and Heardle, has a feature that allows you to share your results on social media.

It will then show you how many seconds you were able to guess the song. Then, simply tap share,’ and your results will be copied to the clipboard.

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