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Kiana Madeira: 13 facts about the Fear Street actress you should know

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This is an article about Kiana Madeira. She is an actress from Canada. keep reading to learn more about her.

13 Facts About the Fear Street Actress 

1. In Wynonna Earp, who did Kiana Madeira Play?

Kiana Madeira played the role of Poppy in Wynonna Earp. She appears in the season 2 episode ‘Whiskey Lullaby.’ Poppy is the Sandman Demon Hypnos’s daughter.

2. Kiana Madeira Portrayed whom in Disney Channel’s Bad Hair Day?

Sierra, Monica’s best friend, was played by Kiana Madeira in the 2015 Disney Channel Original Movie Bad Hair Day. She shared the screen with Laura Marano as Monica and Leigh-Allyn Baker as Liz.

3. Kiana Madeira was Cast as Nora in the Films After We Fell and Af 12

Kiana Madeira has been cast as Nora in the films After We Fell and After Ever Happy. However, she will co-star with Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin in the films After We Fell and After Ever Happy as Nora.

In the books, Nora, sometimes known as Sophia, marries Landon.

4. What is Kiana Madeira’s Boyfriend’s Name?

Kiana Madeira is in a relationship with actor Lovell Adams-Gray. According to their Instagram photographs, the couple has been dating since late 2016.

Moreover, Lovell is best recognized for her portrayal of Dru Tejada in the Power spin-off book Power Book II: Ghost. Kiana

5. How much Money does Kiana Madeira have?

Kiana Madeira’s exact net worth is unknown at this time. Some Netflix performers who star in new TV shows are said to earn roughly $20,000 each episode, which could apply to Kiana and her part as Moe in Trinkets’ 20 episodes.

This might total up to $400,000 for the entire series. Kiana’s net worth is expected to improve in the next years.

6. In what Films and Television Shows have Kiana Madeira Appeared?

Kiana Madeira is, however, best recognized for her roles as Deena in the Fear Street trilogy and Moe in Netflix’s Trinkets. She’ll also be seen in the films After We Fell and After Ever Happy as Nora.

Kiana has also appeared as Julia Wilson in Really Me, Poppy in Wynonna Earp, Angel Trujillo in Sacred Lies, The Flash, and Coroner. Kiana also appears in Bad Hair Day on the Disney Channel

7. In Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy, Kiana Madeira Plays Deena

In Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, Kiana Madeira plays Deena. Moreover, Deena is a Shadyside and Samantha’s (Olivia Welch) ex-girlfriend who reunites to battle a serial killer who is attempting to kill Sam.

Kiana appears in each of the three Fear Street movies.

8.  What is Kiana Madeira’s Height?

According to Kiana Madeira’s IMDb profile, she is 5ft 5 inches tall, or around 1.65m tall.

9. In Trinkets, who did Kiana Madeira Play?

Kiana Madeira played the role of  Trinkets’ Moe Truax. Moe, Elodie, and Tabitha three kleptomaniacs who become friends after meeting at a Shoplifters convention.

However, Kiana portrayed Moe in all 20 episodes of the show. Netflix canceled the series after season 2, with the last episode showing in 2020

10. Who Exactly is Kiana Madeira? 

She is a Canadian actress who is currently starring in Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy as Deena, and her star is rising. Everything you need to know about Kiana Madeira is right here.

11. What is Kiana Madeira’s Age?

Kiana Madeira is a 30-year-old woman. She was born in 1992 and has a birthday on November 4th. Her birthday is in early November, making her a Scorpio.

12. Where does Kiana Madeira Come from?

Kiana Madeira is a Canadian actress who grew up in Mississauga after being born in Toronto. Moreover, Kiana stated in a previously deleted tweet that she is of Portuguese descent on one side and Irish, First Nations, and Black Canadian descent on the other.

13. Does Kiana Madeira have an Instagram Account?

Kiana Madeira’s Instagram handle is @kianamadeira.  However, her grid is filled with glam photos from press events as well as behind-the-scenes footage from her on-screen projects.

In addition, she also posts numerous selfies and adorable photos with her fiancé Lovell Adams-Gray.


FAQs on Kiana Madeira

1. How Tall is Kiana?

She is 5 feet 5 inches tall

2. How Old is Kiana?

She is 30 years old

3. Is Kiana on Instagram?

Yes, she is

4. Where is Kiana from ?

She is from Canada

5. How much does Kiana Earn?

She earns roughly $20,000 each episode

6. When is Kiana’s Birthday?

Her birthday is on November 4th

7. Is Kiana in a Relationship?

Yes, she is in a relationship

8. What is the Name of her Boyfriend?

Lovell Adams-Gray is the name of her boyfriend

9. What is Kiana’s Instagram Handle?

@kianamadeira is her Instagram handle

10. What is Kiana’s Zodiac Sign?

Her zodiac sign is Scorpio

Madeira previously led the cast of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning Netflix series Trinkets for two seasons, starred in the Facebook Watch series Sacred Lies, and appeared on The Flash for the CW.

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