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KTS Von Passed Away: All About The Bone-Chilling Shooting Incident

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 The entire world is in shock after popular rapper KTS Dre was shot multiple times and murdered. Continue reading to find out more.

The Story

Shortly after being freed from jail, the rapper was shot. On Saturday night, the rapper, whose actual name is Londre Sylvester, was one of three persons shot in a tragic accident near Little Village, Chicago.

The musician had criminal links as well, and authorities believe this had something to do with the artist’s unfortunate death.

The rapper was quickly transported to Mount Sinai Hospital. However, the rapper was unable to withstand the lethal wounds and died as a result of the shot injuries.

According to investigators, the rapper suffered 64 bullet wounds to the head and other portions of his body. Another woman who was present at the scene and standing nearby was grazed as well.

A bullet to the face grazed another woman who was present at the scene and standing nearby. She was quickly rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she is claimed to be in good condition.

The entire episode has stunned everyone, and we are all wondering what caused such a horrific shooting.

What Happened to KTS Von?

Sylvester and the two other women were wounded as many suspects exited two automobiles and all reportedly began shooting in Sylvester’s direction, shooting him multiple times.

Soon after committing this horrific deed, the suspects fled the area after reentering their automobiles. The police are on the hunt for the suspects, who may be members of a prominent crime group.

However, there may be some progress in the inquiry because police officials indicated that there were surveillance cameras in the vicinity that will aid in the production of evidence.

The rapper was embroiled in a series of scandals after his name was mentioned in a felony weapon possession case.

The rapper’s attorney requested a bond hearing, alleging that he was arrested on June 11th after performing errands during the authorized time on the allotted day of the week.

Judge Lawrence Flood later ordered a $50,000 bond, with a $5,000 deposit.

Was the Late Rapper Associated with any Notorious Gang?

Sylvester’s stage moniker, KTS, is an acronym that stands for Kill to Survive. He had the sentence, coupled with a target symbol, tattooed on his neck.

The sad shooting of the rapper as he exited the jail was not the first time a gunshot occurred close outside the jail, and it had occurred previously.

Something similar happened in 2017 when Kamari Belmont was slain in a shooting shortly after being freed on $100,000 bail. The assassination of Sylvester had certain criminal undertones.

Even the police have identified the late rapper as a member of the Gangster Disciple’s Lakeside group. It is regarded as one of America’s most notorious street gangs.

Kts Von Dead

Unfortunately, the rapper did not survive and was unable to combat the wounds. The investigation into the shooting event is already underway.

According to court documents, the rapper was arrested in June for breaking the terms of his release. The June case stems from an arrest in April of last year.

In the Chicago area of Auburn Gresham, the rapper was charged with handgun possession. The case arose after authorities allegedly observed him driving a white Jaguar vehicle.

When he was apprehended, the late rapper was found in possession of a 9mm Glock weapon. Something similar happened in Belmont after a white SUV allegedly drew up and opened fire on the man.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is KTS Von?

He was 31 years old when he died

2. Who did KTS Von have a Dispute with?

KTS (Kill To Survive, Kutthroats, KTSMB), originally known as Fin Town, is now a non-set alliance formed by the Lakeside GDs, Eblock Vice Lords, 073 Woodlawn GD’s, and 075 Vice Lords (75th/Cottage). KTS is beefing up with NLMB.

3. kts Von, what does KTS Stand for?

KTS is a small Gangster Disciple set located on 75th and Cottage Grove. It is also known as Kill to Survive, Kutthroat, and Shoot to Kill.

4. What is Kts Von Name?

Devon Davis

5. Who is KTS Dre?

Police have identified KTS Dre as a member of the Gangster Disciple’s Lakeside division, one of America’s most known street gangs. In 2015, his brother and fellow rapper KTS Von were tragically killed by gun violence.

6. Dre was Shot, Right?

This is one of many scenes that were never filmed. Dre was shot four times in the leg, his house caught fire during a crazy party, and a flashback of his younger brother in the battle that took his life.

7. Did Dr. Dre lose a child?

Yes he lost a child

8. How old is Drake now?

35 years

9. Who shot 50 Cent?

Darryl Baum

10. How old is Tyga?

32 years

This incident occurred shortly after Belmont’s murder charges were withdrawn. The increasing number of shootings has undoubtedly stunned everyone. Authorities will soon apprehend the perpetrators of the deadly shooting incident.


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