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Laura Kucera: How Did She Die? Full Story Explained.

– Laura Kucera –

Laura Kucera, a victim of abuse, is the subject of this article. Continue reading to learn more about the story.

“Only Mine,” a Netflix original film, begins by stating that it is based on a true story about Laura Kucera. As the film concludes, the following message appears:

“Laura Kucera was kidnapped, shot in the head, and left to die in 1995.” She survived. Her assailant is still in prison today. This film is dedicated to Laura and all victims of abuse.”

Who was Laura Kucera? How did she die?

According to Digital Spy, Laura Kucera serves as a loose inspiration for the film’s plot. Julie Dillon is abused by a manipulative cop in the Netflix original film “Only Mine.”

Finally, the cop shoots Julie, who survives and kills the cop in retaliation. Is the plot similar to Laura Kucera’s? Not at all.

In the film, Julie Dillon is abused by a deceptive cop. The cop finally shoots Julie, but she survives and kills the cop in retaliation. Is the story of Laura Kucera retold in the film? Absolutely not.

She died a year after surviving two gunshot wounds to the head in the true story. She was kidnapped by her obsessive ex-boyfriend in the mid-1990s.

Laura Jean Kucera was born in Columbus, Nebraska, on August 17, 1975. She is the child of David and Mary Kucera. She died on September 13, 1995, in Wakefield, Nebraska, at the age of 20.

Laura is not her parent’s only child; she has siblings. Sabrina and Dorothy were her two sisters, and she had five brothers: Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjamin, and Patrick.

Laura obtained a restraining order against her controlling ex-boyfriend, Brian Anderson.

She was kidnapped, and her kidnapper was her ex-boyfriend Brian Anderson, who was 22 years old at the time.

Brian kidnapped Laura on October 1, 1994, just days after completing his prison sentence.

She was shot twice in the head and once in the shoulder before being left for dead.

Anderson stalked and threatened Kucera in the months leading up to the shooting, according to prosecutors.

Kucera said she was mostly relieved that the case was finally over and she no longer had to look over her shoulder for Brian Anderson.

Brian Anderson, Laura’s kidnapper, left her for dead in a ditch until he changed his mind and led authorities to where he left her.

Laura’s spirit was strong, as she endured four days in subzero temperatures (wearing only a t-shirt and shorts) before being rescued.

Brian was arrested and brought to court. According to The Los Angeles Times, during the trial in Ponca, Nebraska, Judge Maurice J Redmond called Anderson a “bully” and a “coward” in sentencing him to 125 years in prison in May 1995.

Laura Kucera’s real photos are not currently available on the internet. Neither are there any photos of Brian Anderson, who shot Laura.

How did Laura die?

Laura miraculously survived the shooting and was able to regain limited use of her arms.

Kucera spent 51 days in the hospital before learning to walk again. She managed to regain her footing, albeit with difficulty.

Laura died in a car accident in September 1995, almost a year after the initial assault, despite the fact that she recovered quickly. She rolled her car off a gravel road into a ditch on her way to see her grandmother.

Laura Kucera is survived by her parents and seven brothers and sisters: Father David, mother Mary, sisters Sabrina and Dorothy, and brothers Joseph Mathew, Charles, Benjamin, and Patrick.

How was Laura’s Story Different from The Movie?

Netflix added the film “Only Mine” to its lineup on January 15th, 2019. It is (very) loosely based on the story of Laura Kucera. In the film, her boyfriend is a cop (he was not in real life), and he is portrayed as much older than Laura (in the movie, Julie).

The film also does not depict Laura’s courageous and difficult recovery, as well as the accident that resulted in her death within a year of the attack.

In addition, Julie, the film’s victim, was shot in the leg and back. Laura Kucera was shot in the head and shoulder and dumped.

Julie’s injuries were severe, but they paled in comparison to Kucera’s. Laura was unconscious when police discovered her, but Julie roused herself and exacted revenge by murdering her abuser.

Kucera did not exact vengeance on her assailant, but the legal system ensured that she received justice.

Gabriella Geisinger of Digital Spy commented on the film, saying that it does not do justice to Laura and other abuse victims:

“Her [Laura’s] story is far more devastating than Only Mine portrays it to be, but Only Mine also does not serve as a sort of ‘wish fulfillment’ of what could have been for Laura Kucera.”

Overall, it will leave you bored and depressed, which is an abominable combination that Kucera and all other victims of abuse do not deserve.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About Laura Kucera

An auto accident killed a woman who survived four days in a ditch after being shot in the head by an ex-boyfriend, then struggled through therapy to walk again. Laura Kucera, 20, died on her way to see her grandmother on Wednesday.

This film is dedicated to Laura and all victims of abuse.

The majority of the plot in Julie Dillon’s film “Only Mine” is made up. However, the inspiration for this film, Laura Kucera, is a real person.

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