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Lost Ark Northern Lawmaker Skin Set: How to Get it & Color Variations

The Northern Lawmaker skin set was included in the Founder’s Packs of Lost Ark. Learn how to obtain the skin and its three color options.

How to Get Lawmaker Skin

The Lawmaker Skin Set can be purchased from a Lost Ark vendor. Make sure you find a reputable seller. 

The skin is obtained by ordering the gold/platinum founders pack in February 2022 and then reselling it.

Check your inventory for all of the Lawmaker skin pieces you’ll need to outfit your character. Your character must also be at an advanced level to equip it. 

The skin can only be applied to one character at a time, and once applied, it cannot be removed. Here are the most reliable vendors we know who provide lawmaker sets on all servers:

“MagicSeller” “Player” “Sunrise”

How to Get Founder’s Pact Items in Lost Ark

Click the box with an arrow pointing into it in the top left corner of your screen.

You will see your Founder’s Pack as well as a ‘Claim’ button. Choose it.

Navigate to your Inventory (bound to ‘I’ or accessible through ‘Character’ in the bottom right).

Interact with the pack (right-click to bring up a menu displaying all of the items inside).

Select ‘Open.’

Your items have now been added to your Inventory. Use them by interacting with them. The Lawmaker skin is divided into four parts, so make sure to interact with all of them!

Set Colours and Labels

Northern Lawmaker is available in three colors: white, red, and black. You will be given one of these at random, and you can only use it in your first Advanced Class.


Hide Skins Lost Ark

You can actually hide Lost Ark skins piece by piece, whether you want to remove your helmet for a photo shoot or remove an out-of-place piece of your outfit until you find the perfect replacement.

To do so, tap the eye icon beside each individual slot in the Lost Ark skins menu. 

Remove your gloves to show off your knuckles, or remove your headpiece if you want everyone to notice your new hairstyle.



Hidden Lost Ark skins allow you to conceal unwanted items while keeping them equipped and out of your inventory.

So that’s how you get the Northern Lawmaker skin in Lost Ark, as well as its three color variants.

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