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Luka Magnotta ‘1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick’ video features second unidentified man, court hears

– 1 lunatic 1 ice pick video –

This story is about Luka Magnotta, who gruesomely murdered Jun Lin and dismembered his body. Continue reading to find out more

The accused admitted to the crimes but pleaded not guilty to murder.

on Monday, the crown said that a “graphic, and potentially upsetting” a 10-minute video of Luka Magnotta killing and dismembering student Jun Lin was featured.

In his opening arguments in Montreal, Louis Bouthillier told the court that the first 53 seconds of the video show a different man tied up.

Hunting Magnotta

As a result, the Canadian Press sparked outrage in 2012 when it named serial killer Luka Magnotta its “Newsmaker Of The Year.”

While the award’s sensitivity was questioned, there’s no denying that few people had captured the public’s attention like the young murderer.

Magnotta, a male escort and occasional model, rose to prominence after filming himself stabbing Chinese student Lin Jun.

Furthermore, He stabbed him to death with an ice pick and dismembered the body before posting the video online.

Jun led Interpol on a manhunt after mailing his hands and feet to elementary schools.

He was caught at an Internet café in Berlin while reading news stories about himself.

Magnotta, a macabre international celebrity with legions of fans, was brought back to Canada.

He was convicted of first-degree murder, and sentenced to prison.

Although Magnotta never agreed to lengthy interviews.

Magnotta has now granted an exclusive look inside the mind of this “social media” killer to award-winning journalist and author Brian Whitney

Anna Yourkin joins Whitney in telling this one-of-a-kind true crime story.

Yourkin also provided exclusive photos for the book.

The murder of Jun Lin

Jun Lin, a university student, was fatally stabbed and dismembered by Luka Rocco Magnotta in Montreal, Canada, in May 2012.

Lin’s hands and feet were then mailed to elementary schools and federal political party offices conversely.

Magnotta fled Canada after a video of the murder was posted online.

This prompted an Interpol Red Notice and an international manhunt.

He was arrested in a Berlin Internet café in June 2012.

After eight days of deliberation, a jury convicted him of first-degree murder in December 2014.

Magnotta was sentenced to life in prison and 19 years for other charges, to be served concurrently.

Consequently, Animal rights activists had previously sought Magnotta for allegedly uploading videos of himself killing kittens.

Who Murdered Jun Lin

Luka Rocco Magnotta (born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman) was born in Scarborough, Ontario, on July 24, 1982, to Anna Yourkin and Donald Newman.

He was their first child, the first of three.

But According to him, his mother was obsessed with cleanliness, routinely locking her children out of the house.

Under those circumstances, she left her children’s pet rabbits outside in the cold to die.

His father was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1994.

He divorced Magnotta’s mother, prompting Magnotta to move in with his grandmother, Phyllis.

Magnotta went to Lindsay’s I. E. Weldon Secondary School.

Also, He began appearing in gay pornographic videos in 2003, occasionally working as a stripper and escort.

He was a pin-up model in a 2005 issue of Toronto’s fab magazine under the alias Jimmy.

In 2007, he competed unsuccessfully in OUTtv’s reality show COVERguy.

He has had numerous cosmetic surgeries and auditioned in February 2008 for the Slice network television show Plastic Makes Perfect.

Early Criminal Activity

Magnotta was convicted in 2005 of one count of impersonation and three counts of fraud.

In fact, He impersonated a woman to apply for a credit card and purchase more than $10,000 in goods.

He pleaded guilty and was given a nine-month conditional sentence with a 12-month probation period.

On August 12, 2006, he legally changed his name from Eric Clinton Kirk Newman to Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Magnotta filed for bankruptcy in March 2007, owing $17,000 in debts.

In December 2007, the bankruptcy was completely discharged.

Furthermore, Magnotta created at least 70 Facebook pages and 20 websites under various names in order to spread rumors about himself.



1. Where is Luka Magnotta now?
He is now incarcerated in Quebec’s maximum-security Port-Cartier Institution, where he married another inmate in 2017.

2. How many years does Luka Magnotta have?
Magnotta, now 39, was convicted in December 2014 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years.

3. What did Luka Magnotta do to Jin?
“Cut it,” he heard a voice tell him. “Go for it. He works for the government.”

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