Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter, Casie Colson Baker, & her Mother.
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Who Is Machine Gun Kelly’s Daughter Casie Colson Baker & Mother Of His Child Emma Cannon?

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The Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter prefers to stay out of the spotlight, but she accompanied the rapper to the American Music Awards last year.

MGK, real name Richard Colson Baker, frequently attends red carpet events with his movie star girlfriend Megan Fox, with whom he is now engaged, but he also enjoyed a cute father-daughter date with his child, Casie, at the AMAs.

And now that the rocker has returned to the spotlight following his engagement to Megan, some fans are only now learning that Machine Gun Kelly has a daughter.

Here’s everything you need to know about his family and ex-girlfriend, Emma Cannon…

MGK Has a Daughter

The “Bloody Valentine” lyricist had his first child with Emma Cannon in July 2008, and the couple has since divorced.

MGK stepped up to the plate despite being only 18 years old when he became a father.

The Project Power star prioritizes her in his life, and the two have an incredible bond to this day.

“Two connecting flights and still no sleep, but believe it or not, I’m [going to] make it to my daughter’s recital tonight,” he tweeted in December 2019.

In January 2020, the actor shared another touching message about his daughter.

“Every night, my daughter wears one of my merch shirts to bed, and I f–kin melt,” the adoring father exclaimed. She’s clearly his biggest fan!

MGK celebrated Casie’s birthday this summer and shared the cutest photo ever.

On July 23, he captioned their adorable father-daughter selfie, “The princess turned 11.” “Dasssss my best friendddd.”

Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter and how old is she?

Casie Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter, is 12 years old and was born in July 2009.

Although the rapper keeps the child out of the spotlight, they have been seen out and about together on several occasions.

Casie has even been seen with her father and Megan Fox.

Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama Emma Cannon?

The Machine Gun Kelly, 31, has a daughter with his ex-girlfriend, Emma Cannon, named Casie Colson Baker.

Emma, unlike MGK’s other previous relationships, is completely out of the spotlight because they met before he rose to fame.

MGK and Emma reportedly dated briefly after meeting at a Blink-182 concert when they were both 18 years old, and they welcomed their daughter the following year.

Despite their split, the couple is said to be on good terms, with Machine Gun Kelly calling Emma “the best mother I’ve seen first hand” in a Mother’s Day post in 2013.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Casie Colson Baker

Yes. Machine Gun Kelly and his daughter, Casie, have made a number of endearing appearances together over the years.

18 years old

Emma Cannon

Machine Gun Kelly revealed that he and fiance Megan Fox once went on a double date with Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and while many may think they had a good time, the night was ‘disastrous!’

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