magnemite legends arceus

Where to Find Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus & How to Evolve it

Magnemite is a Pokemon of the Electric and Steel types. As a result, it is most effective against Poison and Flying types such as Crobat and Tornadus.

magnemite legends arceus

Magnemite Location

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, the only place to find a Magnemite is at Cobalt Coastlands, the third wild area you’ll unlock as you progress through the main story.

Once you’ve captured Magnemite, you should try to complete its Research Tasks. 

To accomplish this, you must battle, capture, and defeat Magnemites encountered throughout the game. 

You can complete your Magnemite Pokedex entry by finding them in these locations. It has the Hisuian Pokedex number #177.

When Space-Time Distortions appear, they are marked on the map, and you will be notified when one is forming. 


It’s best to get to the Space-Time Distortion as soon as it appears because they don’t last long!

Transform Magnemite into Magneton

Once you’ve obtained a Magnemite, you must train it to Level 30 before it can evolve into a Magneton. 

If you catch a Magnemite in a Space-Time Distortion, it will almost certainly be leveled up enough to evolve immediately.

magnemite legends arceus

Transform Magneton into Magnezone

To evolve Magneton into Magnezone, take it to Coronet Highlands and level it up in battle by one level. The ability to evolve will then be available.


Pokemon will appear left and right, easily getting in the way of you catching the one Magnemite you want. Basically, you must be prepared to fight.

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