Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names Latest Update 2020

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names Latest Update 2020.

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names: If you are considering naming your mannequin or CPR dummy, you will find some of the best mannequin names below!

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names

In case you have been wondering about what is a mannequin, it is a human-sized doll (in most cases) which is used by various professionals (fashion designers, hairstylists, window dressers, etc.) to hold, display or fit a specific piece of clothing.

In some other cases, the use of a mannequin is employed for the teaching of first-aid administration or CPR. Mannequin simply is a French word known to mean “an artist’s jointed model,” “little man,” or “figurine.”

However, mannequin has other uses in case you think its usefulness is limited to fashion designers.

so here are the names you can give to your mannequin,which will make you love your fashion work more

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names

For most professionals like hairdressers & hair stylists, mannequin heads are definitely the norm, and attaching a name to one can be quite fun to do! Here are some pretty interesting names to go with:

  • Ruby – For a feminine mannequin with red-colored hair.
  • Lagoona – For a mannequin with enticing blue eyes that reminds you of the sea.
  • Green Goblin – For a mannequin head with the greenest pair of eyes ever.
  • Bobby – For a mannequin with a fragile bobbing head.
  • Fred The Head – Just because Fred is probably the perfect name to rhyme with Head.
  • Dracula – Suitable for a mannequin with the scariest face you’ve ever seen.
  • Meggy Muffin – For a mannequin with chubby and adorable cheeks that remind you of muffins.
  • Ginger – For a mannequin head covered with ginger-colored hair.
  • Baddie Baldie – For a bald-headed but super-attractive mannequin.
  • Goldie – A name for a mannequin with golden hair.
  • Don – For the biggest mannequin head you’ve ever seen.
  • Geminita – For a mannequin with the most precious looking face.
  • Goldilocks – For a mannequin with gold-colored hair.
  • Elizabat – A mannequin named Elizabeth, with a face or eyes that remind you of a Bat.
  • Mickey Mann – For a mannequin with weirdly shaped ears that reminds one of Mickey Mouse.
  • Becky – Yes, the Becky with the Good Hair Beyoncé told us about.
  • Fat Cat – For a round-headed mannequin that reminds you of a pussycat.
  • Fifi – A French name for a mannequin with a pretty face.
  • Cherry Cherubie – For a round-faced and cheerful-looking mannequin.

CPR Mannequin Dummy Names

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names

Would you like to find a meaningful name for a CPR dummy? Something that everyone would remember while learning with it? Here are some life-saving ideas for you to select from

  • Rapid Regina – For a CPR dummy named Regina that teaches quick and efficient CPR measures.
  • Queen Quick-Fix – For a CPR mannequin with detachable & fixable body parts.
  • Bob The Blower – For a dummy named Bob used to train on how to blow air into a victim during CPR.
  • CeeCee – For a CPR mannequin that comes with in-built lights that allow one “see” even in dark conditions.
  • Kate Kare Kit – This mannequin can be nicknamed KKK and is a suitable name for a mannequin that doubles as a first-aid kit box.
  • Ann The Aid – For a CPR mannequin.
  • Harpey To Help – For a dummy named Happy, used to illustrate how to confidently and calmly help someone in need of CPR.
  • Tender Talia – For a CPR dummy with weak or fragile body parts used for illustrating how CPR works.
  • Sleeping Beauty – A name for a pretty-looking CPR dummy inspired by the Disney Cartoon Sleeping Beauty, as a humorous reference used to describe how CPR administration works on an unconscious person.
  • Resusci Anne – One of the most popular names for a CPR doll (inspired by a real person), and can also be called Rescue Anne, Resusci Annie, or CPR Annie.

Funny Mannequins Names

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names


  • Drew Blood – A mannequin with IVs all tied up to him, and needles being poked into him 24/7.
  • McRibbs – What better name could med students use for a sick & dying mannequin?
  • Kevin Heart – A pun on the name of popular comedian Kevin Hart for a mannequin with a heart condition.
  • Bony-ta – For a mannequin named Bonita with a very bony structure.
  • One-Eyed Bonny – For a medical mannequin with one good eye.
  • Who Nose What – For a mannequin without a nose or with a broken or weirdly disfigured nose.
  • Bloody Mary – A medical mannequin covered with fake blood.
  • Mister Sockets – Suitable for a medical mannequin with bulging eye sockets.
  • Miss Ahfil Pane – Suitable for a mannequin depicted to have been involved in some form of accident, hence the name “I feel Pain.”
  • Benny Brainiac – A medical mannequin with an open head that shows a “brain.”
  • Bob BeerBelly – For a mannequin with a ridiculously large stomach.
  • Limbful – For a medical mannequin with visible “limbs.”
  • Daddy DryBones – For a lean and sick-looking mannequin.
  • Nurse ISeeU – A medical mannequin portrayed as a nurse in an ICU unit.
  • Adrena-lina – For a mannequin with high blood pressure or too much adrenaline.
  • Madam Perry – A mannequin used to explain Perineal care to nursing students.
  • BonaLisa – For a very skinny mannequin that reminds one of Monalisa.
  • Miss Stitchy – A medical mannequin with visible stitches and cuts.
  • Fiona Fatts – For a mannequin named Fiona with an obese look.
  • Missy-Behavin’ – A medical mannequin with a cry-baby face.
  • Justin Bleeder – For a mannequin who could easily be a Justin Bieber lookalike, but with a bleeding body part.
  • Stiffany – For a cold & stiff-looking mannequin.
  • Scapula – For a mannequin used to explain the bone structure of the human body
  • BoneHead – For a medical mannequin with an unusually small head.

Safety mannequins Names

Mannequin and CPR Dummy Names

Safety mannequins are perfect for teaching safety precautions, whether at work, school, home, or anywhere else. If you’re looking to attach a name to your safety mannequin, we’d got some interesting ideas for you:

  • Bob-D-Builder – For a dummy named Bob, that is used to explain workplace safety ethics.
  • Safety Sammie – For a safety mannequin that depicts the ideal worker – smart & safety-conscious.
  • Diligent Diana – A safety dummy that shows workers how to stay safe while performing work duties optimally.
  • Grumpy Gabby – For a safety mannequin with a grumpy face.
  • Oh-Onika – A female safety dummy that illustrates how irresponsible or careless acts at the workplace can have terrible consequences.
  • Safelee – A name for a safety mannequin that teaches how to perform work tasks “safely.”
  • Carly Careless – For a dummy used to depict disorderly manners of approach to work.
  • Fredo The Deado – Suitable for a dummy used to illustrate safety hazards.
  • Lady B. Kerful – For a Safety Dummy used to demonstrate safety measures at work, to encourage workers to “be careful.”


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