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Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend, Marlene Wilkerson: Everything To Know About His Fiancée

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Aboiut Marlene 

Marlene was born in 1993 and is an Instagram model and influencer. She has over 400k Instagram followers and over 730k YouTube subscribers.

Her YouTube channel. While her previous blogs and videos were on fashion, fitness, and beauty, her most recent content was about pregnancy and infants.

Marlene has a Child

According to PEOPLE, Kyrie and Marlene were expecting their first child together in June 2021.

Marlene showed off highlights from her pregnancy, including a maternity photoshoot, in a YouTube video titled “Our Pregnancy Journey.”

The video also shows Marlene having a water birth, with the new mom observed laboring in a bathtub.

“A dedication to indigenous women to reclaim their bodies and repair our heritage through natural birth,” reads a message at the end of the film.

May you discover your inner understanding. May we educate, empower, and support one another on the sacred path of becoming and being a Mother.

Marlene’s Love Life

Marlene has been romantically linked to soccer player Layvin Kurzawa and basketball player Dexter Strickland.

Because he played basketball with Dexter at St. Patrick High School, it’s probable that she and Kyrie met before they dated.

It’s unknown when they started dating, but they were first seen together publicly in 2018 at Kyrie’s Invitational.

Marlene Got Engaged

When she was photographed wearing a massive diamond ring, Kyrie and Marlene ignited engagement speculations in 2019.

Kyrie and Marlene who was still known as “Golden”  were out and about in New York City when photographers snapped a photo of her new jewels.

According to TMZ Sports, the paparazzi congratulated the pair on their engagement, which they did not dispute.

Marlene apparently stopped following Kyrie on Instagram a year after she debuted that rock on her finger. He also ceased following her, but any squabbles were quickly resolved.

He tweeted a photo of them together in August 2021. “KALM power. The presence of KALM. KALM has fallen in love. “My Ankh,” he captioned the photograph.

Marlene posted one of her own the day before Kyries. “Walking through the Lions Gate,” she captioned an Instagram shot of herself holding hands with Kyrie while still pregnant. “Sun, Moon, Earth, and Stars Child.”


FAQs on Marlene Wilkerson

1. How Old is Marlene?

She is 29 years old

2. Is Kyrie still Dating?

Marlene “Golden” Wilkerson is Kyrie’s girlfriend. According to reports, the happy pair is engaged to be married.

3. Does Kyrie have Faith in Jesus?

As far as we know, Kyrie’s lack of interest in Christmas has nothing to do with his religion or being a guru.

The 29-year-old Christian has been linked to Carl Lentz, the celebrity pastor of Hillsong Church in New York City.

4. Does Kyrie Irving have a Sister??

Yes, he has a sister

5. Does Kyrie have a Child?

yes, he has a child

6. Do Muslims have Faith in God?

Belief in God’s Oneness: Muslims believe that God created everything and that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. God has no progeny, no race, no gender, nobody, and is untouched by human life’s qualities.

7. What Faith does Irving Follow?

When Kyrie Irving spoke about his Ramadan fasting last week, some in the media claimed that he had “admitted” or “confirmed” his Muslim beliefs as if it were a secret… or worse.

In truth, “celebrated” or “rejoiced” could have been a better word to describe Irving’s reaction.

8. How Tall is Kyrie?

1.88 m

9. What does Kyrie Mean?

Lord, have mercy

10. How Old is Kyrie Irving?

He is 31 years old

Kyrie and Marlinee are still dating and have a kid together, despite the fact that they have not married. They form an excellent couple.

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