Meet Rev Run’s Beloved Wife and Mom of Their 7 Kids Justine Simmons

– Justine Simmons –

Rev Run and his beloved wife Justine Simmons have been married for nearly 30 years, saying their “I do’s” on June 25, 1994. They have seven children, three of whom Justine is the stepmother.

Rev Run and Justine Simmons have become the perfect celebrity couples. Many media outlets interviewed them for their book “Old School Love: And Why It Works.” Continue reading to find out more

A Strong Marriage

Rev Run said they always prioritized each other’s happiness when asked how they managed to stay by each other’s sides for so long. Justine stated:

“Doing right by each other. If you are not selfish, you can make it work. We always say, be selfless instead of selfish.”

Rev Run perfectly encapsulated this in an Instagram post, stating that her happiness is his job. He also posted a photo of them when they were much younger, referring to her as his “ride or die.”

A Big Family

Justine is the mother of four of the rapper’s children: Diggy Simmons, Russell Simmons Jr., Miley Simmons, who was adopted, and Victoria Anne Simmons, who died soon after birth.

Justine claimed that adopting their daughter was a complete healing process for her.

Rev Run showed his love for his wife and children by posting a photo of himself and Justine with friends on Instagram while she was still pregnant with Diggy. An older Diggy also shared a sweet photo with his mother.

Shimmering Models

Angela and Vanessa Simmons, two of Justine’s three stepchildren with Rev Run, took to Instagram in March of this year. They looked stunning in their sequin gowns.

They almost passed for twins. One was dressed in green and looked over her shoulder seductively, while the other was dressed in ruby red.

Overcoming Hardship

Rev Runs’ wife revealed the death of their now-dead newborn baby Victoria. Justine explained how they were able to overcome this tragic incident:

 “Truthfully, a lot of marriages would have broken up. When we went through that loss, I was so devastated.”

This was the point at which the couple decided to adopt Miley. Adopting their daughter, according to Justine, was a complete healing process for her.

Justine is one of Novo Nordisk’s spokespeople, and she has a heart for other children. This is a global corporation that understands the value of health.

In 2018, the couple spoke at The Bays Water School about health and diabetes. Rev Runs’ wife wishes these discussions had occurred when she was a child.

About Justine Simmons

The wife of Joseph Simmons, she appeared on the reality show Run’s House with the rest of her family.

Following that, the family appeared on Rev Run’s Renovation and Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers. She’d start starring in the Netflix comedy series All About the Washingtons in 2018.

Before Justine Simmons Fame

In 2005, she made her television debut in Run’s House.


In 2007, her jewelry line Brown Sugar was featured on HSN. God, Can You Hear Me? is a children’s book she wrote. In 2008, she and her husband co-wrote the New York Times best-seller Take Back Your Family.

Family Life of Justine Simmons

She has four children with Joseph, Diggy, Miley, Russell II, and Victoria, and is the stepmother to Vanessa, Angela, and JoJo, who are from Joseph’s previous marriage.

Associated With

She is the mother of three children: Daniel, Russell Jr., and Miley Simmons.



1. Who are Justine Simmons’s biological kids?
Rev Run and Justine already had five children when Victoria Anne was born. (They have two sons together, Daniel (Diggy) and Russell II (Russy), and Rev Run has three older children from a previous relationship, Vanessa, Angela, and Joseph Jr.)

2. Did Justine Simmons have a baby?

Reverend Run of Run DMC and his wife Justine lost their newborn daughter Victoria Anne shortly after she was born, as reported in September. Victoria was born with her organs outside of her body, which is known as omphalocele. More information about it is available here.

3. How old is Justine Simmons now?

56 years (11 December 1965)

4. Is Joseph Simmons still married?
In 1983, Simmons married a woman named Valerie Vaughn. They had three children, but their marriage failed. He reconnected with and married Justine Jones in 1994. They have three children and one adopted child since then.

5. Who is Joseph Simmons’s wife?
Justine Simmons m. 1994 Valerie Vaughn m. 1983–1992

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