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Megan Zalonka is a proficient Instagram model. She is currently in the spotlight due to her feud with US Representative Matt Gaetz. According to The Daily Beast in May 2021, Gaetz grunted cocaine with a female escort at a 2019 pledge drive after-party held in Gaetz’s inn suite.

Furthermore, the lady was discovered to be the accused of the mission money. Megan was thought to be the lady. Gaetz and Megan, a cannabis sanctioning representative, were in the hotel restroom together when Megan took cocaine from a sack, prepared it, and began grunting it.

Megan Zalonka, a model, is currently 24 years old. Zalonka was born in 1997 and celebrated her birthday on May 9th every year. Megan Zalonka is widely regarded as an Instagram model.

She had shared a few photos on Instagram. Regardless, she appears to have deleted her Instagram account recently. According to Meaww, Zalonka has been recognized as an escort and a new model on Instagram.

Senator Matt Gaetz allegedly grunted cocaine and had an escort at a pledge drive after-party in 2019. Megan Zalonka, the alleged escort and low maintenance model on Instagram, was paid by the citizens for a task that required no work at all, according to Ibtimes.

According to the report, Greenberg hired her for a region job in which she directed intercourse. She is one of the 15 women allegedly paid for sex by Congressman Matt.

The Department of Justice is currently investigating Gaetz for possible rape and allegations that he violated illegal exploitation laws.

Matt, on the other hand, has completely debunked all of the charges. Furthermore, he has stated that he will not leave his position as a representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions About megan zalonka

1. Who is Megan Zalonka?

Zalonka is an amateur fashion model as well as the communications director for the American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association, according to The Daily Beast.


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