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Is Melina Sarris Pregnant? Everything On Husband And Married Life

– Melina Sarris Marriage –

Melina Sarris is a professional journalist who is rumored to be expecting her first child. Is she really expecting? Continue reading to learn more.

Is Melina Sarris Pregnant?

No, there is currently no news or evidence to suggest that Melina is pregnant. It is unclear where the rumors originated, but they do not appear to be true.

Milina just posted a cancer-related Instagram post about an hour ago. And there is no mention of her pregnancy in the post.

Personal Life

Jonathan Laquino, Melina Sarris’s husband, recently married. In 2019, the couple married at The Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

Melina prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight and is always seen working. Jonathan is thought to be a journalist as well, but this has yet to be confirmed. The couple appears to be having a good time, as evidenced by Melina’s Instagram.

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Melina Sarris is a 7News professional journalist. Her journalism is praised by many people around the world, despite the fact that she is not well-known on social media. Sarris is a 7NEWS Melbourne award-winning reporter. She is also allowed to give a weather report on weekends.

Melina was awarded a Melbourne Press Club Quill Award for breaking a story that changed the laws governing Victoria’s prison day release system.

Melina has over a decade of experience, beginning her career in 2009 as assistant chief of staff in the Nine newsroom.

Net Worth

Melina’s annual salary could be $49,480.The exact salary has yet to be confirmed because it is an average salary. Melina has about ten years of experience, so we can assume she has a high salary. Concerning her net worth, it is still hidden from public view.

Despite this, she appears to be content with her current net worth and social life. Her net worth could be in the thousands of dollars, but we may have to wait a little longer to get the exact figures.


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