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Dr. Michelle Oakley Biography, Age, Wiki, Height, Husband, Salary and Net Worth

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Dr. Michelle Oakley is an American professional veterinary doctor with many years of work. Continue reading to know more about her

Biography of Michelle Oakley

She was born in Munster, Indiana, the United States, on September 15, 1969.

Michelle is also well-known as the star of Nat Geo WILD’s Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet, who travels around the freezing tundra of the Yukon Territory in snowmobiles, helicopters, and small planes to see her patients.

Michelle, on the other hand, does not provide veterinarian services to wild animals for monetary gain, but rather as a Good Samaritan.

Michelle is also the director of numerous wildlife conservation initiatives in Canada, Europe, Sri Lanka, and Scandinavia.

InStyle magazine named her one of the 50 women changing the world in 2019 alongside Michelle Obama.


Michelle is of medium height. If her images are any indication, she is rather tall in comparison to her surroundings.

However, information on her true height and other bodily measurements are now unavailable to the public. When the information becomes available, we will update this section.


Oakley graduated from Munster High School in 1987. Later, she enrolled in the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Oakley decided to study zoology.

She agreed to participate in wildlife research in southwest Yukon. Oakley also attended the University of Prince Edward Island, which is located in Charlottetown, Canada.

She obtained a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Oakley earned her doctorate in 2001 at PEI’s Atlantic Veterinary College.

Family of Michelle 

Michelle Plantinga was born and reared in Munster, Indiana by her parents, Steve and Georgia Plantinga. She is of white ethnic origin and has a brother.

Michelle Oakley is married to Shane Oakley. The pair married on December 10, 1992, in Hawaii. Shane Oakley is a volunteer fireman.

Michelle and Shane have three daughters: Sierra Oakley, Maya Oakley, and Willow Oakley. Sierra Oakley, her daughter, was born in 1998.

Sierra is a criminology student in Nova Scotia. Maya was born in 1999 and is currently studying for a pre-vet degree in London. Willow, on the other hand, was born in 2005.

Career of Michelle

Oakley is currently employed as a veterinarian who specializes in wild animals. She is also well-known for her role as Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet on Nat Geo Wild.

Nat Geo Wild is a reality television show. It follows Oakley, who is “Yuko’s only all-species vet for hundreds of miles,” as she “does whatever it takes to keep the creatures in her care safe and healthy.”

Net Worth of Michelle

Michelle receives an approximate income of $15, 000 per episode as the star of Nat Geo WILD’s Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet.

Michelle’s net worth is predicted to be $1 million as of 2021. This includes her property, money, and earnings. Her principal source of income is her professional veterinary doctorship.

Michelle has amassed wealth from her multiple sources of income, yet she likes to live a humble lifestyle.


FAQs on Michelle Oakley

1. Who exactly is Dr. Michelle Oakley?

Michelle is a northeastern Indiana-born American all-species veterinarian and reality TV star. Oakley is an expert on wild animals.

2. What is Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Age?

Michelle is 52 years old

3. What is Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Height?

Oakley has never revealed her height to the public. Her height will be reported after we receive confirmation from a reliable source.

4. Is Dr. Michelle Oakley Married?

Shane Oakley is Oakley’s husband. The pair married on December 10, 1992, in Hawaii.

5. What is Dr. Michelle Oakley’s Net Worth?

Michelle’s net worth is predicted to be $1 million as of 2021.

6. What is Dr. Oakley’s Salary?

Oakley receives an estimated compensation of $15, 000 per episode as the star of Nat Geo WILD’s Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet.

7. Dr. Oakley Lives where?

Michelle lives in Haines Junction, Yukon, Canada, and we will post images of her home as soon as we obtain them.

8. Is Dr. Oakley still Alive?

Michelle is still alive and well. There have been no reports of her becoming ill or having any health problems.

9. What Happened to Dr. Oakley?

Michelle is a reality television star and an all-species veterinarian from the United States. Oakley is an expert on wild animals.

10. When is her Birthday?

Her birthday is on 15th September

Dr. Michelle is a strong and determined lady who is financially secure and happy. What do you admire about her? Please share your thoughts in the area below.

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