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Millie Corretjer, Quick Facts, Childhood & Early Life

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Milagros is the subject of this article. Ninette Corretjer Maldonado, better known as Millie Corretjer, is a Puerto Rican singer and actor. keep reading to learn more about her

Biography of Millir Corretjer

Corretjer was born on April 18, 1974, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Jess Francisco Corretjer and Milagros Maldonado.

Juan Antonio Corretjer, a renowned poet and journalist who was a notable Puerto Rican independence activist, was her paternal grandfather.

He was the Secretary-General of the pro-independence Puerto Rican Nationalist Party at one point. Her ancestors are from Pineda de Mar in Barcelona.

Antoni Corretjer Caire, her great-great-grandfather, moved to Puerto Rico in the nineteenth century.

Who is Millie’s Husband?

Oscar De La Hoya is a retired boxer who was active as a professional from 1992 to 2008. Nicknamed The Golden Boy of
Boxing, he won several world titles in six different weight classes and was listed 11th among the best boxers of all time, pound for pound, by BoxRec.
As an amateur, he won the lightweight gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He established the Golden Boy Promotions in 2002.
However, after retirement, he switched his attention to promoting other fighters. In 2018, he started promoting MMA matches as well.
De La Hoya is incredibly popular both in Mexico and the United States of America. In 2000, he was working on his debut album when he started having issues with singing with more passion.
His producer, Rudy Perez, showed him one of his previous works to demonstrate to him how to sing with more passion. Incidentally, it was the music video for Corretjer’s song ‘Una Voz en el Alma’.
was later asked to model in De La Hoya’s next song video. They eventually met at an EMI convention in Texas and began dating soon after. They married in a private ceremony in San Juan on October 5, 2001.


Corretjer acquired the role of host of the Puerto Rican television show ‘La Ola Nueva’ when she was 15 years old (The New Wave).

She starred in the documentary ‘Guitarra ma’ in 2000, which celebrated the life and work of Puerto Rican artist José Feliciano.

Nevertheless, she has also appeared in the television miniseries ‘De La Hoya/Mayweather 24/7’ (2007) and the television movie

Corretjer is a Singer

Corretjer is a well-known Puerto Rican singer of recent years. Her music is popular in Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and other South American countries.

However, she is also well-liked in the United States of America. In 1995, she published her debut album, ‘Sola’ (Alone). It was a commercial triumph, with three of its tracks charting on Billboard.

The CD also included Spanish versions of two Selena songs, ‘Where Did the Feeling Go?’ (Donde te has ido amor) and ‘Only Love’ (Solo Tu).

Corretjer’s Second Album

In 1997, she released her second album, ‘Emociones’ (Emotions).

Amar es un Juego Her third album was released two years later

Corretjer’s next successful work earned her a gold album in Puerto Rico. One of the tracks, ‘De Hoy en Adelante’ (From Today On), spent more than six weeks at the top of the Billboard charts.

Corretjer is quite active on many social media networks. She has Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. She released her latest track, ‘Parece,’ on her YouTube channel in December 2018.

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya Corretjer, Corretjer and De La Hoya’s first child, was born on December 29, 2005, in San Juan.

However, their daughter, Nina Lauren Ninette De La Hoya Corretjer, was born on December 29, 2007, exactly two years after their son.

Corretjer is the stepmother to De La Hoya’s two kids from previous marriages, Jacob De La Hoya (born February 18, 1998) and Devon De La Hoya (born February 18, 1998).

The family now lives in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California.

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FAQs on Millie Corretjer

1. How old is Millie?

She is 48 years old

2. Where is Millie from?

San Juan

3. When is Millie’s Birthday?

April 18 is her birthday

4. Is Millie a Singer?

Yes, she is

5. What is her Zodiac Sign?

Her zodiac sign is Aries

6. Is Millie Married?

Yes she is

7. What is the Name of her Husband?

Oscar de la Hoya

8. What is her Husband’s Occupation?

He is a Boxer

9. Does Millie have kids?

Yes, she has kids

10. How Many Children does Millie Have?

She has two children

Milagros resides with her husband and children. She has financial security and is living her best life. Comment what you think about her in the section below.

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