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Meet Siew Pui Yi, the Whose Ao Dai Photo Sparked Social Media

– Ms. Puiyi –

Ms Puiyi, a Malaysian model and influencer, also known as Siew Pui Yi, sparked outrage in Vietnam after wearing an ao dai, the cultural Vietnamese national dress, without pants. Keep reading to learn more about her.

Ms. Puiyi

Photos of the 23-year-old woman in Hoi An circulated online, prompting Vietnamese commenters to accuse her of disrespecting their culture due to her provocative appearance in the national costume.

Which is traditionally a long dress with slits on the sides and worn with a pair of trousers underneath. Siew’s version of the costume omitted the trousers entirely. Siew has since issued an apology.

Ms. Puiyi ‘s Success

Siew has amassed an online following by posting photos of herself. She rose to prominence in January 2022, when she was featured on the cover of United States Penthouse magazine.

“It’s an honor to be the first Southeast Asian on the Penthouse January 2022 cover issue,” she responded. I can’t express how excited I am to be the pet of the month. I’m extremely grateful. “It’s as if I’m dreaming.”

According to The Star, Siew was born in Kuala Lumpur and moved to Penang with her family when she was nine years old.  When she sent her laptop in for repair in 2019, it was hacked.

She had been a victim. She was the victim of extortion, as she was asked to pay RM50,000, and her naked photos were later posted on paid websites.

Her life had hit rock bottom as a result of the incident. In response to that incident, Siew stated, “It was then that I decided to take control.” Instead, I began to appear in more sexy poses.”

She has since expanded her business to become a cosmetic entrepreneur.

Vietnamese Critics

Vietnamese commenters slammed the images as “immodest” and “disrespectful,” and demanded Siew remove them. ”

Ao dai is a tradition of our Vietnamese culture, I find (your) way of wearing the ao dai really inappropriate and in Vietnam, we call (this) offensive,” one Vietnamese online commenter said.”

“I, along with everyone else, request that you remove the image and apologize to Vietnam!” The Malaysian has more than 615,000 Facebook fans and 17.3 million Instagram followers.

Vietnamese Newspaper

According to the Vietnamese newspaper VnExpress International, she was photographed releasing lanterns into the Hoai River in Hoi An.

Siew had reportedly flown from Singapore to Da Nang a week before and stayed at a resort in Hoi An.

The post quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons, enraging Vietnamese netizens who had plenty to say about her gaffe, with one calling it “absolutely disgraceful” and others accusing her of defiling their culture.

Following the outpouring of criticism, Siew issued an apology to her Vietnamese audience on Facebook on Wednesday (April 6).

The two photos were also quickly removed from this cosmetic entrepreneur’s social media accounts.

FAQs on Ms. Puiyi

1 How Old is Ms. Puiyi?

She is 23 years old

2. What Happened to Ms. Puiyi?

She was accused of disrespecting their culture due to her provocative appearance in the national costume.

3. Where was Ms. Puiyi Born?

She was born in Kuala Lumpur

4. How Old was she when she Moved to Penang with her Family?

She was 9 years old

5. Which Tradition did she Disrespect?

She disrespected the Ao dai Tradition

6. When did Ms. Puiyi Become Popular?

She became popular in January 2022

7. Is Ms. Puiyi on Instagram?

Yes, she is on Instagram

8. How many Followers does she have on Instagram?

She has 17.3 million followers on Instagram

9. Is Ms. Puiyi a Model?

Yes, she is a model

10. How many Followers does she have on Facebook?

She has 615,000 followers on Facebook

On April 4, she posted two photos of herself wearing an ao dai without trousers and releasing lanterns into the Hoai River, prompting criticism that she was violating the Ao dai tradition.

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