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TikToker Nabs Goes Viral Capturing the Moment Her Baby Bump ‘Drops’

A tiktoker accidentally captured the moment her baby bump descended on camera; the video went viral and generated discussion.

Nabs, a pregnant user on TikTok, became well-known after posting a video of her baby bump magically “dropping.” 

The expectant mother is seen standing to the side and stroking her bump in the video, which has received over 5 million views. 

The mother, who at the time was 38 weeks along with three days pregnant, then looks down to feel her stomach.

In the brief video, she says, “Caught the beginning of the drop on camera.”

The Beautiful Moment the Baby Drop

Nabs had been sharing pregnancy-related updates with her followers on her Instagram account. In October 2021, she posted a video showing the start of her “drop.” 

This occurs when the baby “moves head down into the pelvis in a staged process called engagement,” according to the NHS.

An on-screen arrow shows how Nabrina’s belly begins to drop and extend over the waist of her leggings as she puts one hand on her growing baby bump.

Nabrina exclaims in shock, “Whoa,” and then turns to look at her abdomen to see if anything has changed.

The clip ends with a picture taken 48 hours later, which reveals Nabrina’s enormous belly, which has significantly shrunk since the earlier footage.

Six million views and over 700,000 likes later, the video appears to be only set to gain more as there has been a significant increase in interest in it months after it was first posted.



This video has caused an internet commotion that is extremely uncommon to be captured. Fans left lots of heartfelt and positive comments, and the video was shared and quickly became popular.

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