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How to Get NELK Boys’ Full Send Metacard NFT

The NELK Boys are one of the most popular internet collectives, with their partying and prank videos attracting millions of fans worldwide, and their Full Send Metacard NFT has proven to be a huge hit with their viewers.

The NELK Boys and the Full Send brand were ecstatic with the Full Send Metacard NFT. 

With 10,000 Metacards available, they sold out in minutes, generating approximately $23 million in revenue based on Ethereum prices at the time.

While their collection has sold out, as with most NFTs, a Metacard can still be purchased on the secondary market.


How can I Get NELK Metacard NFT and how Much is it?

The NELK’s Full Send Metacard was nearly impossible to obtain at launch for most people, so you’ll have to buy one from someone else.

Fortunately, many Metacards are available on the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea.

However, you will not be able to purchase the NELK Metacard NFT at its original price of 0.08 ETH ($217 at the time of writing). 

The Full Send Metacard has a floor price of 1.19 ETH ($3230), which does not include the gas fees associated with Ethereum purchases.


The Uses of Full Send Metacare NFT

The NELK Boys didn’t want to make a generic profile picture-type NFT for this project, but rather something that would provide value to their fans, as explained in the video above.

“As a company, the FULL SEND goal is to launch more FULL SEND branded ventures, which include lounges, gyms, festivals, casinos, restaurants, and more,” they say of the NFT on OpenSea. 

FULL SEND is expanding internationally.


“Owning a FULL SEND METACARD allows you to get in on the ground floor of what will be a long journey for the FULL SEND brand.”

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