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What is the ‘Neon Moon’ TikTok Trend? Brooks & Dunn Remix Goes Viral

This latest TikTok is putting a new spin on a classic ’90s country hit. Popularised on TikTok, the “Neon Moon” tune is spiced up with a more electronic-sounding remix.

The song that started the viral trend, ‘Neon Moon,’ by country music duo Brooks & Dunn, was released in 1992. 

However, it was revived, much like the ‘talking to the moon’ trend, with a more upbeat remix from DJ Noiz. 

TikTok’s sound is used in over 1.8 million videos.

The album “Neon Moon” went six times platinum, and the TikTok version was a smash hit. It got people all over the world on their feet and channeling their inner western.

The Lyrics of Neon Moon

‘’When the sun goes down on my side of town That lonesome feeling comes to my door And the whole world turns blue There’s a rundown bar ‘cross the railroad tracks I got a table for two way in the back Where I sit alone and think of losing you’’

neon moon remix

The Neon Moon TikTok Dance

A dance in which creators move their arms together while swaying their hips accompanies the viral Brooks & Dunn song in videos.

Some current artists are successfully using TikTok to raise awareness of their music and get a new track or album into people’s ears.

Take, for example, Doja Cat. She has been successful in getting several songs to trend on the platform.

TylerNolan, a TikToker, used the trend to create a ‘thirst trap’ style video. Rhett and Link also joined in on the fun, with Rhett shaking Link’s head to match the song’s intro.

Country music stars joined in on the trend by filming themselves performing the viral dance backstage at a concert.



It’s become clear that the popularity of a song is heavily influenced by whether or not a group of vacantly smiling people dance to your song on TikTok. 

The Neon Moon trend is the most recent addition to this bizarre human behavior.

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