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US-Born Payne Sisters make History for Nigeria, Set to Face USWNT Together

– Nichole Payne –

Toni and Nicole Payne created history when they played together for Nigeria against Jamaica in June, becoming the first sisters to do so. Continue reading to find out more.

Toni and Nicole Payne

Nicole Payne and her elder sister Toni Payne had no idea they had just made history when they came in in the second half of Nigeria’s first game of US Soccer’s WNT Summer Series versus Jamaica.

However, the pair became the first set of sisters to play for the Nigeria Women’s National Team, and just the second set of sisters to represent the country after Eberechi and Ugochi Opara.

The Opara sisters played for Nigeria on separate occasions and were never on the field at the same time, unlike the Alabama-born Payne sisters, who shared the field against Portugal a game later.

“It feels great to be the first sisters playing together on the same ground,” Sevilla striker Toni told ESPN.

Toni, a Sevilla striker, told ESPN: “It feels incredible to be the first sisters to play for the Nigerian national team on the same ground.

“I didn’t understand Nicole and I had accomplished something significant until I arrived at the motel.

“Because the program is so competitive, it is quite difficult to have two people from the home make the national team, especially the Nigerian national team.”

Moreover, both players, who represented the United States from U14 through U20 levels, are now looking forward to facing their home country in the last game of the Summer Series event on Wednesday in Austin, Texas.


Toni, who debuted for the Super Falcons in February, told ESPN: “It’s a huge deal for us that we’re both here in our own country playing in such a prestigious event.

“We’re both grateful for the opportunity, and we’re looking forward to the game, soaking up every second and minute of it.”

Making it even more remarkable, they will be doing so with their parents cheering them on in the stands at the spanking new Q2 Stadium, just as they did for the first two games.

Toni continued: “We were overjoyed that my mother and father were able to witness us play for the first time with the Nigerian national team.

“We were really pleased that both my mother and father were able to witness us play for the first time with the Nigerian national team, especially in person,” Toni added.

“Our father has strong feelings about our football, but the first thing he said to us after the game was how proud he was that we were even here, and to keep working, praying, and developing.”

It was an experience that almost never happened. At least not right away.


Nicole, a sophomore defender at West Virginia University, was not picked to coach Randy Waldrum’s first 25-player tournament roster.

Nevertheless, Following the withdrawals of Patricia George and Osinachi Ohale, as well as travel issues for numerous other players, Waldrum extended an invitation to the younger Payne, who had no idea they were sisters.

“I was extremely happy to get called up, and I’m quite excited to compete with the players who are here,” Nicole, 20, said.

“I never expected to be called up so quickly, but it’s a joy to be here and play with my sister.”

The Siblings

The siblings, who were trained by their football-coaching father, had grown up playing together, but their six-year age difference meant they’d never played together on a competitive squad until now.

However, Toni, a 26-year-old Duke University graduate, stated: “It’s something we’ve definitely considered and fantasized about. Playing together didn’t really become a reality until we were much older.

“Nicole and I are six years apart in age, so we have spent a long time at very different stages and levels in our football careers.

“But now that we’re at a higher level of football, once she got the call up here, it all became a reality, and we’re both really pleased to be here together, representing Nigeria.

“Making some form of history is obviously incredibly encouraging. It feels great, and we are grateful to be able to represent our parents and make our family proud, and we hope to do so in the future.”

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FAQs on Nichole Payne

1. How Old is Nicole?

She is 21 years old

2. What is the Name of Nigeria’s Female Football Team?

the Super Falcons

3. Who is Nigeria’s Finest Female Footballer?

Toni and Nicole Payne are the African Women Footballer of the Year, an annual accolade given to Africa’s greatest female football player.

4. Who Exactly is Tony Payne?

Antionette Oyedupe Payne (born 22 April 1995) is an American-born Nigerian footballer who plays as a forward for Sevilla FC in Spain’s Primera División and the Nigeria women’s national team.

5. Who is Africa’s Richest Footballer?

Samuel Eto’o Fils is Africa’s richest footballer.

He is currently one of Cameroon’s richest and most influential football players, with an estimated net worth of $95 million and $3 million in endorsements.

6. What does the name Payne mean?

To take pains, to exert oneself

7. Who is the Best Women’s Soccer Team in the World?

The women’s national soccer team of the United States.

The United States women’s national soccer team, which made its debut in 1985, is presently regarded as the greatest in the world.

8. Nigeria has won the African Cup of Nations how many times?

Nigeria has won the African Cup of Nations three times: in 1980, 1994, and 2013.

9. Who is the World’s Richest Footballer?

Lionel Messi is worth $400 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo is worth $450 million.

Mathieu Flamini is worth $14 billion.

Faiq Bolkiah is worth $20 billion.

10. Who is the Best Women’s Soccer Player?

Sam Kerr

However, Nigeria has never defeated the United States Women’s National Team. But, with an American coach and at least five players from the US collegiate pipeline, this may be a tremendous opportunity for them.”


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