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RHOC’s Nicole James Looks Totally Unrecognizable in Apparently Resurfaced Photo After Newbie Mysteriously Leaves Show

 – Nicole James before Plastic Surgery –

This article is about Nicole James, who had Plastic Surgery and looked completely different afterward. Continue reading for the complete story.

The reality star, who has apparently been “demoted” on the show, looks completely different from herself 20 years ago.

According to a website that claims to have discovered a photo of the now 42-year-old, the image goes back to around 2003 and shows a Nicole with blond hair and fuller lips.

Reddit users quickly pointed out the discrepancies, comparing the previous photo to Pamela Anderson, Tara Reid, Jenna Jameson, and even “Melissa Joan Hart in Jenny McCarthy drag.”

Fans couldn’t help but notice her stuck-in-time fashion choices. “Oh my god, this is peak 2000s fashion: plaid, halter, strange number plastered on it,” one person observed.

Another person described it as “essentially the 90s Playboy aesthetic.”

Nonetheless, at least one person noticed the parallels: “Am I deafeningly deafening She has a striking resemblance.

She doesn’t have the show’s lips and fake eyelashes, but she looks exactly like her, right down to the clothes.”

Nicole is Absent 

Fans may not get a chance to judge for themselves because Nicole is reportedly absent from any new episodes following the revelation that she SUED Heather Dubrow’s husband Dr. Terry over a botched boob operation.

The surprising discovery occurred during Season 16’s first episode. Nicole and her friend Heather, 52, went for a walk and discovered that they both know fellow RHOC star Shannon Beador.

Heather later met Shannon, 57, for lunch and remarked that Nicole mentioned knowing her.

Shannon hinted in a confessional interview that she knew a secret about Nicole but chose not to tell it.

Shannon later revealed to Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson that Nicole had supposedly sued Heather’s husband Terry.

In a confessional, Gina reiterated Shannon’s assertions, saying, “Nicole sued Terry Dubrow.”

Nicole’s Request

She requested Heather be informed about the lawsuit, despite Shannon’s confessional: “I made an agreement with Gina and Emily the night before stating if, for some way, this is the same person, we keep our tongues shut.”

Gina broke the agreement when she approached Heather about the lawsuit.

Gina revealed in a confessional before meeting Heather at a party, “The correct thing to do is to inform Heather because I don’t think I’m capable of pretending that this is okay.”

Heather asked Gina if she was “kidding” before rushing upstairs and demanding that everyone leave the scene.

Nicole earlier criticized Terry’s abilities as a plastic surgeon, which sparked her conflict with Heather.

In October, an insider informed the outlet: “Heather cast Nicole, but she only filmed for a few weeks.

“A major subplot that will play out (but is also the reason Nicole is no longer on the program full time) is Nicole’s dissatisfaction with the breast augmentation Terry performed on her many years ago.”

They went on: “It began to circulate across the group, and Heather discovered it because Shannon was informing everyone but her.

“Cue Heather and Shannon squabbling.” Nicole reportedly ceased filming RHOC several weeks before the season’s production concluded in October.

It is unclear if Nicole opted to have her position decreased or if she was forced to do so.

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FAQs on Nicole James before Plastic Surgery

1. How Old is Nicole?

She is 42 years old

2. Is Nicole Married?

Yes she married

3. Does Nicole have children?

This information is unknown to the public

4. Did Nicole go Under the Knife?

Yes, she went under the knife

5. Is Nicole Alive?

Yes, she is alive

6. What is Nicole’s Net Worth?

Her net worth is $1 million

7. Nicole James Orange County is married to who?

Her tenure on The Real Housewives of Orange County may have ended abruptly, but the stories about her continue to circulate.

Nicole is purportedly engaged to former RHOC cast member Alexis Bellino’s ex-husband, Jim Bellino, in recently revealed images.

8. What does Andy Bohn do for a living?


9. How much is Alexis from RHOC worth?

What Is Alexis Bellino’s Net Worth? Alexis Bellino is a reality television celebrity with a net worth of $1.5 million. From 2009 through 2013, Bellino was a cast member on Bravo’s famous reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

10. What does Alexis Bellino’s Fiance’s Job Entail?

Alexis Bellino is engaged to her film producer boyfriend, Andy Bohn, two years after she divorced Jim. Get the lowdown right here.

Alexis Bellino, a former Real Housewives of Orange County star, is engaged to longtime boyfriend and film producer Andy Bohn.

Nicole James, who underwent plastic surgery and looked completely different, sparked interest among followers. What are your thoughts on her new look?


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