Orlin Says Nikocado Avocado is Well Despite ‘Missing’ and ‘Death’ Rumors
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Orlin Says Nikocado Avocado is Well Despite ‘Missing’ and ‘Death’ Rumors

Fans of YouTuber Nikocado Avocado have been worrying about him after death and disappearance reports, but his ex, Orlin Home, just took to Instagram to confirm the star’s well-being.

Only a week ago, speculations of the YouTuber’s death began to circulate on social media.

The YouTube account of the Ukrainian-born American, whose real name is Nicholas Perry, has over three million subscribers. He is well-known for his outrageous and even chaotic mukbang films.

Fans Fear Nikacado Avocado is Missing

Niko, who regularly produces many videos every week, hasn’t posted on his main YouTube channel in almost a month.

He also often publishes on his auxiliary channels, but the 30-year-old hasn’t posted anything there in two weeks. As a result, supporters were concerned for him.

Many speculated on Twitter that he was missing.

“Why isn’t anyone talking about Nikocado Avocado being MISSING?” one YouTuber wondered.

Another fan remarked, “Nikocado Avocado has been missing for two weeks.”

A death hoax regarding the star went viral last week.

Orlin Says Youtuber is Doing Well

Niko’s husband, Orlin, resorted to social media to provide fans with an update on the YouTuber amid the death and missing reports.

“Nick is alive,” Orlin wrote, dispelling death rumors.

Nick is doing well and is taking a sabbatical from social media owing to some personal concerns, according to Orlin.


Orlin And Niko Separating After Six Years

Orlin mentioned in his recent article that he and Nick are splitting up after six years together.

“Despite the fact that my dear spouse and I have been together for almost six years, we made the painful decision to divorce.”

I’m no longer going to be in Nick’s mukbang videos, and I’m going to take some time to myself. This is one of the reasons there have been no uploads on our social media,” Orlin wrote.

Orlin, like Nick, is a YouTuber who makes mukbang videos. His YouTube account has almost 285K subscribers.

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