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Niurka Marcos Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

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This article is about the most popular actress, singer, and dancer in Mexico and the United States of America, Niurka Marcos, also known professionally as Niurka. keep reading to learn more about her


The actress was born on November 25, 1967, in Havana, Cuba, and is one of six children born to Carmelo Marcos (father) and Salustiana “Celeste” Calles (mother);

the others are Martha, Maribel, Thomas, Mara del Carmen, and Ernesto.

Her father was a Cuban naval major, and her mother, with whom she revealed the news of her death in an interview in 2018, was a housewife.


Niurka Marcos had recurring appearances in the programs Vivo Por Elena and Gotita de amor in 1998, playing Myrtha and Constanza, respectively.

The following year, she had two recurring parts in Nunca te olvidaré and Tres mujeres, playing Alcatráz Cordero and Yamilé Nuez, respectively.

In 2001, Niurka played Karicia, an exotic dancer, in Salomé, a Mexican soap opera produced by her then-boyfriend, Juan Osorio.

She played a supporting part in the Televisa telenovela opposite Edith González and Guy Ecker.

From 2003 to 2004, she played Vida in the Mexican telenovela Velo de Novia, which was also created by Juan Osorio.

Her Movie Roles

In 2004, the actress starred as Dulce Mara in Corazones al lmite and was a competitor on Big Brother México that year.

Niurka Marcos starred in a supporting role two years later in the Televisa-produced telenovela La Fea Más Bella, which aired until February 25, 2007.

She also performed on the show’s soundtrack album, on the track “Se Busca Un Hombre.”

The next year, she had a recurring role in Fuego En La Sangre, which was followed by a role in the August 2009 theatrical version of La ronda de las arpas.

In 2011, she appeared in Emperatriz as ngela ‘Quimera’ Galván, the new villain, and the following year, she appeared in ngela ‘Quimera’ Galván as Ricarda Araujo.

She has also starred as a guest star in the film Mi corazón es tuyo (2014).

Five Interesting Facts About the Actress

1. Her Kids

The actress has three children: a son named Itzcoatl “Kiko,” a daughter named Romina, born in 1995, and another son named Emilio Osorio, whom she had with Juan Osorio.

2. Divorce and Marriage

Niurka Marcos has three marriages: first to television producer Juan Osorio from 1998 to 2003, then to actor Bobby Larios from 2004 to 2006, and finally to Yanixán Texido in 2007.

She divorced her third husband on February 6, 2011, after they separated in May 2009.

3. Her Love for Children

Despite the fact that she already has three children, Niurka Marcos stated unequivocally in an interview with the Mexican press that she would love to have one more child for her boyfriend.

However, she acknowledged that due to her age, it may not be possible and that she may consider other options such as surrogacy or adoption.

She also talked about her wish to have a huge family, claiming she would have had three more children.

According to her, she is very comfortable about parenting her children, and having another child allows her to offer her all as a person.

5. Television Hosting

In 2004, the actress and cum dancer co-hosted Escándalo TV de Noche. She launched her own television show, Espectacularmente Niurka, in 2008 and later became the host of El Show de Niurka.

A show that includes games, dancing, singing, and a jacuzzi element in which she interviews other artists. She also presented Ella es Niurka in 2011 and was a judge on the television show Soy tu doble in 2014


FAQs on Niurka Marcos

1. How Old is Niurka Melanie?

She is 55 years old

2. Who is her Father?

Her father was a Cuban naval major and his name was Carmelo Marcos

3. What is the Name of her Mother?

Salustiana Celeste is the name of her mother

4. Is she Divorced?

Yes, she is

5. Does she have Kids?

Yes, she has kids

6. When did she Launch her own Television Show?

She launched it in 2008

7. How many Times has she been Married?

She has been married for three times

8. Which Year did she Divorce her Last Husband?

In the year 2011

9. Since her Last Divorce has she been Married Again?

No, she has not been married again since then

10. How many Kids does she have?

She has three children

Vicente Fox Quesada, Mexico’s 55th President, naturalized Niurka Marcos as one of the country’s first foreigners. The actress is wealthy and influential. So, tell us what you think about her in the comments area below.

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