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Olivia Rodrigo & Vinnie Hacker Spark Dating Rumors After Photos Together Go Viral

Photos of Vinnie hacker and Olivia Rodrigo hugging at a concert in Los Angeles went viral, and fans began spreading rumors that they were dating.

Rodrigo and Hacker

Rodrigo and Hacker were seen outside the bar with their arms around one other in new photographs released. They hug before parting ways.

Rodrigo and Hacker both wore white tops, black leather skirts, and high-heeled black boots for the night.

The “Drivers License” singer wore a white top, black leather skirt, and high-heeled black boots, and the TikToker wore a white t-shirt and baggy trousers.

The photographs of the duo quickly spread on social media, particularly Twitter, where some fans were taken aback by the unexpected reunion.

Though there has been no confirmation of whether the rumors are real, fans are already shipping the couple, with several Twitter users expressing their support (and astonishment) that a romance may be on the way. 

Fans quickly speculated if the two were more than just pals after seeing the photos. 

While Olivia has remained silent on the rumors, Vinnie appears to have addressed them in a TikTok comment.

One fan commented on the influencer’s video on his dating life, “Olivia?” Vinnie was quick to respond, writing “No” with a crying emoji.

“They’re not dating. “I know they’re not dating,” the former Sway House member stated, adding that he doesn’t know if anything else happened. 

“All I know is that I was golfing with Vinnie the other day and they aren’t dating.”

According to one Twitter user, Rodrigo and Hacker will be “this decade’s Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.”



Olivia previously dated music video producer Adam Faze, but the couple split up in February, leaving many fans wondering who the singer might date next. Nothing has really been confirmed yet concerning these two.

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