Pretty Pacific Islander, Polynesian Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Finding a unique baby name is easy with pretty pacific islander, Polynesian names for baby boys and girls, which attracts parents who want something that stands apart. Pacific Islander baby names come from a diverse group of nations from the Pacific Ocean referred to as the Polynesian Triangle. The indigenous Polynesian people share a considerable amount of cultural and social heritage.

Polynesian Names

Pacific Islands may be numerous and spread over vast geography, but a common theme binds them. The people of these islands attach significance when it comes to choosing a baby name.

Polynesian Names for Boys and Girls

These names are unheard of beyond their native region. Nevertheless, the names are rich and symbolic, and we have compiled a comprehensive list for you to choose an appropriate name for baby boy or girl.

1. Akamu

It is a masculine name and a Hawaiian form of ‘Adam.’ It is a natural name that reflects strength and positivity.

2. Alanah 

Precious; awakening. “Polynesian names”

3. Anaru

The name is a Maori derivative of ‘Andrew.’ It can be an appropriate name for your baby boy as it means ‘strong and manly.’

4. Afu

Although it is a Polynesian name, it is highly prevalent in Samoa as well. The name means ‘hot.’

5. Aleki

Popular from Samoa to New Zealand, the name means ‘defending men.’ The name sounds fantastic and an excellent choice for your baby boy.

6. Aputi

This name has a rhythmic feel to it, and it means ‘kind.’ Wish your child the virtues of this excellent trait with this name.

7. Aonani

This name means ‘beautiful sunlight.’ The name has a distinct appeal to it and sounds fresh too.

8. Awhina

A meaningful from the Polynesian names list means ‘help and support.’ The name has a Maori origin.

9. Ahoeitu

Ahoeitu was the son of Eithumatupua, the Polynesian God and Illahea. It refers to a child carried in the arms.’

10. Aitonui

This name means a great warrior.’ Wish your baby boy bravery and strength by giving this name to him.

11. Ariihere

It is a popular Tahitian name that means ‘king of love.’ Your baby boy will love this name as he grows up.

12. Ariitea

This name of Tahitian origin means ‘white prince.’ It is an adorable name for your baby boy.

13. Akela

Another Tahitian name for baby boy that you may consider is this. It means ‘noble and graceful.’

14. Aolani  

Cloud from Heaven

15. Aulii     

Delicious. “Polynesian names”

16. Ainalani

Ainalani is a cool new Samoan name meaning ‘heavenly land’. It comes from the elements aina, which means ‘land’, and lani, which means ‘sky or heaven’.

17. Akeakamai

Akeakamai is a traditional Samoan name, meaning ‘yearning for wisdom.’ This cool-sounding name reflects the magnificence of the Samoan culture. It also made the top 1000 baby names, twice.

18. Amiri

Amiri is a simple and straightforward name, meaning ‘rock.’ It’s one of the fastest rising baby boy names in Cook Island.

19. Enele

This Samoan name means ‘wisdom.’ This name has an energetic feel to it and has quite a few famous name bearers as well.

20. Enoha

It is the name of the bird in Tahiti. Add the traits of swiftness and charm to your baby boy by choosing this name for him.

21. Fetu

It is a short form of the name ‘Fetuilelagi’ which means ‘God of the night.’ This unique-sounding name is a popular Samoan boy name.

22. Hamuera

Hamuera is the Polynesian form of the Christian name Samuel. This name is definitely on the rise in Polynesia, climbing more than a hundred places in the last few years. And it’s a MomJunction favorite as well!

23. Helarii

In Tahiti, the name refers to the ‘crown of the king.’ The name has a distinct charm to it, and the sound of the name is unique too.

24. Hawea

Hawea is an excellent, soft-sounding Samoan baby name. It is probably the name of the mythical drum brought from Tahiti. It would make a perfect pick for mythology-loving parents.

25. Henare

Most of you must have guessed by now that Henare is the Samoan form of the name Henry. It does have a mid-century stamp, but that doesn’t mean people are not using it.

26. Honi

In Tahiti, this name is of great value as it means ‘gracious and amiable.’ “Polynesian names”

27. Haych

Haych belongs to the contingent of cool and classy Samoan nicknames, which is one of the most used ones.

28. Hehu

Hehu is a Maori origin name, meaning ‘rescued by God.’ It’s one of the longest-running, two-syllable Cook Island baby names. We think it feels appropriate for both sexes.

29. Laki

This is quite straightforward. Laki means ‘lucky’ in the Samoan language. This short and sweet name stands pretty strong on its own. It was briefly popular in the 80s but could be due for rediscovery.

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30. Laniakea

Laniakea is a soothing Polynesian name meaning ‘immeasurable heaven’. This name is inspired by the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Solar System, Milky Way, and Earth.

31. Iosefa

It is a Samoan form of the famous English name Joseph. It is a biblical name that can have ‘Sefa’ as a nickname.

32. Iokua

This name is a Hawaiian derivative of ‘Joshua.’ It means ‘to save.’

33. Inoke   


34. Iwalani

Heavenly Seagull. “Polynesian names”

35. Kala

It means ‘the sun.’ Wish your baby boy the brightness of the sun with this name.

36. Kale

The name comes from a famous English name ‘Charles.’ The name means ‘a a free man.’ “Polynesian names”

37. Kapono

Here is another suitable Polynesian name for a baby boy. The name means ‘the good one.’

38. Keola

Here is a Samoan name with a beautiful meaning to it. It means ‘life, health, or the wellbeing.’

39. Keanu  

The breeze “Polynesian names”

40. Kalei     

One who works for the King

41. Kapena


42. Keiki     

Child “Polynesian names”

43. Ku

Ku is a male Polynesian name, meaning ‘to stand, to hit, or upright’. In Polynesian mythology, Ku is the name of the god of war, whose full name was Kū-ka-ili-moku. He’s one of the four major gods of the Polynesians.

44. Kolinaisi

This Polynesian baby name became popular in the United States from the American reality show “The Biggest Loser’s” contestant Kolinaisi Koli Palu. The meaning of Kolinaisi is ‘storm’. “Polynesian names”

45. Laniakea

It is a sweet-sounding name that means ‘immeasurable heaven.’ The name seems to be an acknowledgment of the bravery and skills of Polynesian navigators.

46. Loto

It is a beautiful name and a popular one too in American and Pacific states. This masculine Samoan name means ‘heart.’ “Polynesian names”

47. Lulani   

Highest Heaven “Polynesian names”

48. Iosefa

Iosefa is the Samoan version of the biblical favorite Joseph. Its variation, Sefa, is used as a nickname. You rarely get to hear a variation of Joseph without a J, and that’s what makes Iosefa more popular than the original.

49. Manu

The Polynesian name Manu means ‘bird of the night’.

50. Manaia

The name has a simple meaning of good. But in the Samoan culture, Manaia is used to refer to the son of the high chief, when he performs taualga, the graceful solo dance to honor his family and village. You can shorten the name to Mana, which means ‘spiritual power’.

51. Makani

This Samoan name means ‘the wind,’ and your baby boy will love this name when he grows up.

52. Maleko

The name is the Hawaiian version of the English name ‘Mark.’ It means ‘polite or shining.’ “Polynesian names”

53. Malo    


54. Mahana

The name means ‘moon-like.’ It is a masculine Tahitian name that speaks elegance and class.

55. Manahau

Here is a meaningful name for your baby boy. It means ‘wise spirit or spirit of wisdom.’ Let your baby boy grow into a wise man with this name.

56. Manea

This Tahitian name of boys means ‘beautiful.’ It is precisely the feeling that you get when you hold him in your arms.

57. Mano   

Shark “Polynesian names”

58. Manawanui       

Stout Hearted, Patient and Determined. Maori name (the native language of New Zealand)

59. Moke   

Born of.

baby names and meaning

60. Makena              


61. Oke       

Deer lover.

62. Pekelo 

Rock. “Polynesian names”

63. Puleleiite

This fancy name for boys means ‘ruler who can tell the future.’ The name sounds energetic and trendy.

64. Palani  


65. Rua

If you like a nature-inspired baby name, meaning ‘lake.’nature-inspired

66. Rangi

Originally a Maori name, it refers to the God of the sky. He was also the husband of the Goddess of Earth as per the legend.

67. Sione

This Samoan name is derived from the English name John. It means ‘God is gracious.’ “Polynesian names”

68. Tamati

The name means ‘means.’ Therefore, if you are proud parents who are expecting twins, then this name suits them best.

69. Tane

It is a unique Polynesian name. It represents the Polynesian sky god who created and positioned the moon, sun, and constellations, as per the local legend.

70. Tanielu

It is another meaningful name that has picked the trend in Samoa. The name means ‘God is my judge.’ The name will draw immense admiration from all the people around.

71. Tamaroa

Do you wish your baby boy to grow up as a strong and brave boy? Here is an appropriate name that means ‘big boy.’

72. Vaea

It is also the name of the mountain that overlooks the capital city of Apia. The name has reference to Tahitian and Tongan kings. Several famous Tahitian is its name bearers.

73. Wiremu

This name is a Maori form of the popular English name ‘William.’ The name means ‘resolute protector. ‘It is a refreshing island name for baby boy.

74. Anahera

It is a Maori feminine name that means ‘angel.’ The name has a sweet sound and beautiful meaning as well.

75. Allinah

Precious; awakening

76. Aleynah

Precious; awakening

77. Alamea               

Ripe, precious  

78. Auina   


79. Arihi

Arihi is a lovely rhythmic name, meaning ‘kind and noble.’ People with this name are supposed to be compassionate, caring and dignified.

80. Ala

If looking for a Samoan name with proper meaning and sound, Ala seems perfect. It means ‘excellence or high-ranking.’

81. Asoese

Asoese is a lovely Samoan name, meaning ‘different day.’

82. Elei

The block printing designs are called ‘elei’ in Samoa. It is a traditional art of the country and is considered a prized possession.

83. Elikapeka

84. It is a Hawaiian form of ‘Elizabeth.’ This famous name, feminine Polynesian name, means ‘God is my abundance.’ “Polynesian names”

85. Emere

Not the most pleasant meaning (rival), but the name definitely sounds beautiful. You can use Emere as a short form for Emelia, Emeline, or Emily.

86. Farahinano

This beautiful and floral name of Tahiti means ‘the flower of Pandanus.’ This cute name will be the right choice for your daughter.

87. Fetia

Fetia is a lovely Tahitian baby name, meaning ‘star’. Though we must warn you that though, in abundant use, this name sounds like a part of a longer name.

88. Fetuilelagi

Non-Samoans would find it hard to spell and pronounce this name. Fetuilelagi is the Samoan word for ‘star in the sky and it’s one of the traditional names of the island.

89. Huali

Huali is a lovely name, meaning ‘bright, pure and polished’. This name conjures images of a beautiful girl dancing with a flower in her head.

polynesians baby

90. Hauata

It is a lovely Tahitian name for a baby girl that means ‘cloud of peace.’ Your baby girl will love this name as she grows up.

91. Hauora

As your baby girl grows up, her health will always remain of prime importance. Here is an appropriate name for her, as it means ‘healthy.’



93. Heiani

It is one of the common Tahitian girl names. It means ‘crown of the sky.’ This name will make your daughter rule the hearts.

94. Hine

This name has a Maori origin, and it means ‘girl.’ It is a short and sweet name for a baby girl.

95. Kaile’a 

Joyful sea

96. Keala    

The pathway

97. Kanani 

The beautiful one

98. Kiana

This feminine name is the derivative of the English name ‘Diana.’ It means ‘heavenly and divine.’

99. Kalama

In Polynesian language, the name means ‘the torch or the ebony.’ It is a sweet name for your baby girl.

100. Kylie

This Tahitian origin name means ‘beautiful.’ It also refers to someone living near a narrow channel or a small piece of land.’

101. Kupa’alani

The name means ‘loyal or steadfast heaven.’ This name comes from two words ‘Kupa’ and ‘alani.’ It is an attractive name for your baby girl.

102. Kina      


103. Kelii      


104. Kalani  

The heavens, sky; royal one

105. Kawena               

Rosy Reflection in the Sky. “Polynesian names”

106. Lagi

If the divine is what you want your son’s name to be, choose Lagi, which means ‘heaven’.

107. Lalago

This would make a nice alternative to Lolita for them. Lalago means ‘chief’s pillow or the prophet’s staff.’ For the nickname, you can go with Lai or Lola.

108. Lanny   

Precious; awakening

109. La’akea

It comes from the elements’ la’a’ meaning ‘sacred and devoted,’ and ‘kea means ‘white or clear.’ Hence, the name means ‘clear sacredness.’

110. Luana   


111. Leinani

Leinani is a beautiful Polynesian name, meaning ‘beautiful child’. The name is obtained from the Hawaiian word lei, which means ‘wreath.’ In this Polynesian name, the elements lei, means ‘child,’ who is carried on the shoulders.

112. La’ei

Just pay a little attention to its pronunciation. Pronounced as ‘lah’AY’ is means’ love of clothing,’ it is a perfect name for your princess.

113. Lanuola

The name is made up of two Samoan words. Lanu means ‘color,’ and ola means ‘life.’ The name is a shorter version of ‘Lanu’ese’ ese.’

114. Lulu

This name has recently joined the list of trendy Samoan girl names. The meaning of this name is ‘pearl.’

115. Luwana               


116. Lou-Ann              

Sweetheart, lover

117. Manuia

For parents looking for happy and cheerful names, go with Manuia, meaning ‘happy.’

118. Masina

The name Masina is popular with both girls and boys, but we’d say that it sounds more girly to the ears. The meaning of Masina is ‘moon”.

119. Makani

The wind. “Polynesian names”

120. Manaia

It is a cute and straightforward Samoan name for a baby girl. It means ‘nice, beautiful or good.’ You can shorten this name to ‘Man’ as well.

121. Mahina               

Moon, moon-light

122. Makoa 

Bold one

123. Moana

This feminine Polynesian name means ‘sea.’ It is after the Polynesian sea god and is also an alternate Enjoyment

124. Milani  

Gentle Caress

125. Mele

In Hawaiian, the name implies song.’ The name is a Hawaiian derivative form of ‘Mary,’ which means ‘our lady or beloved lady.’

125. Maima

This name refers to ‘the one who raises.’ It is also the Tahitian form of the English name ‘Mary,’ meaning ‘beloved lady.’

126. Meilani

It is a widely hear name not only in Tahiti but in all the Pacific Islands. It refers to ‘beautiful’ in Hawaiian. The name is famous in the United States as well.

127. Nalanie               


128. Natia

In the Samoan language, this name means ‘hidden treasure or secret.’ It is pronounced as ‘Nah TEE ah.’

129. Nalanee              

The serenity of the skies

130. Ne’igalomeatiga

Ne’igalomeatiga is a quintessential Samoan name. But we doubt many people would go with this name as it has a sad meaning. Ne’igalomeatiga means ‘unforgettable pain’.

pacific islander names and meanings

131. Noelani

You know it’s Cook Island’s name when it ends in ‘ani’. Meaning ‘heavenly mist’, this would make a great name for babies born around this time of the year. And with a ‘Noel’ beginning, it could be a Christmas possibility as well.

132. Oleen  


133. Orihei

This Tahitian name for baby girls consists of two words, and one is ‘ori’ meaning ‘dance’, and the other is ‘hei’, which means ‘crown of dances.’

134. Oliana

Oliana is a beautiful Polynesian name, meaning ‘oleander.’ Oliana was the name of a character in Lauren Kate’s book “Rapture”. And its variation, Oleanna, is the title of one of David Mamet’s plays. For the nickname, you can choose Oli or Olly. “Polynesian names”

135. Palila

Palila is a wonderful Tahitian baby name, meaning ‘with a spirit as free as a bird’. This soft and gentle name that was last popular a hundred years ago, is on the cusp of revival.

136. Pania                                                                    

It is a prominent figure in Polynesian legends. The name is also popular in New Zealand and Australia.

137. Penina

Penina is a Hebrew name meaning ‘pearl’ in the Samoan language. It has two popular namesakes, Penina Muhando, Tanzanian playwright, and Penina Moise, an American poet.

138. Poehei

Here is another beautiful name for your little princess. This name means ‘pearl crown.’

139. Poehere

This Tahiti name consists of two words. ‘Poe’ meaning ‘pearl’ and ‘here’ means ‘love.’ Therefore, the name means ‘pearl of love.’

140. Rarahu

Rarahu is the French variant of the name Rarau used by Pierre Loti in his autobiographical novel, “Le mariage de Loti”. The name belonged to the Tahitian woman, and the lover of the narrator, a French officer stationed on the island.

141. Raina

It is a famous name for a Tahitian girl. It means ‘calm sky.’

142. Rauana

This name means ‘several stars.’ Let your daughter be one by giving her this name. The name has a unique appeal to it as well.

143. Rongomaiwhenua

While it may be a little challenging to pronounce and spell, the name can work well with a nickname. It means ‘earth mother.’

144. Salamasina

Salamasina is an attractive baby name, meaning ‘savior.’ The name was stuck in the attic for quite some time now even after being hugely popular in the 90s. But Salamasina is just about ready for a comeback. “Polynesian names”

145. Samaria

It is a biblical name in Samoa, meaning ‘good Samaritan.’ For many, the name also means ‘sacred.’

146. Samoanna


147. Samoa

This name has the beauty of the South Pacific Islands. It has a strong appeal and is derived from the word ‘Sinasamoa’, meaning ‘white sands of Samoa.’

148. Sefina

It is the rhythm of the name that will attract everyone. It is a common nickname in the region as well.

149. Silivia

This unique and appealing name means ‘woman of the woods,’ quite fitting, considering the region.

150. Solosolo

This one is a unique baby name in our opinion. The meaning of this four-syllable name is ‘dry’.

151. Talia

It is a lovely Samoan name that means ‘bonus.’ The name reminds the deep roots of Christianity in the Samoan culture.

152. Tuiara

Tuiara is a Cook-Island Maori name, meaning ‘to thread pineapple’. This name is unknown in English-speaking countries, including New Zealand cities. So it will make a unique name for your daughter.

153. Tamar

It is a popular girl’s name in Polynesia for the babies born on the Sukkoth holiday. The daughter of King David and Absalom also had this name.

154. Tamah

Tamah is a Hebrew name heard widely in Samoa. Meaning ‘innocent and honest,’ Tamah sounds extremely gentle and appealing. For the nickname, you can keep Tammy or Timmi.

155. Tama

Tama is the variation of the name Tamah or Tamar. Tama Janowitz, the American novelist, is a famous bearer of this name. It comes from the Hebrew name Tamara, which means ‘date palm tree.’

156. Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the most evocative geographical names. It is inspired by one of the places in Polynesia. The name conjures images of the swaying palm trees and the beautiful palette of Gauguin. The popularity of Tahiti is growing with every passing day.

157. Talei     

Precious.  “Polynesian names”

158. Teuila

It is a feminine name that refers to a beautiful red flower. It is also the name of the most significant cultural festival in the country.

159. Tiare

The name Tiare is derived from the Tahitian word, meaning ‘flower.’ It also refers to the Tahitian Gardenia, which is also known as ‘Tiare Flower’.

160. Tausa’afia

The name may be slightly challenging to pronounce, but we think it could be considered as it means ‘pleasant and lovable personality and ‘someone who is well-mannered and kind’. The name also sounds slightly familiar to Sophia, making it feel somewhat familiar.

161. Tevahine

In Tahiti, this name refers to ‘a woman.’ It can be the right choice for your baby girl. It is a name with a sweet sound to it.

162. Tiarehere

In Tahiti, this name means ‘flower of love.’ Your baby girl deserves this fragrant name for her. It is a nice name for a girl.

163. Ulani    

Cheerful. “Polynesian names”

164. Wiki

This Samoan girl’s name means ‘victorious.’ The name is chic and significantly fashionable in Samoa.

The unique culture of these islands is reflected in the baby names these people choose for their baby boys and girls. Generally, the people are named after their gods and places of the native land, these names sound sweet and exciting.

These names are unheard of beyond their native region. Nevertheless, the names are rich and symbolic. The Pacific Island covers several islands in the Pacific Ocean. Please share this article with friends and family.

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