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Paula Jones Is Married to Husband Steven Mark McFadden Today

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This article is about Paula Jones, who is currently married to Steven Mark McFadden. Continue reading to find out more.

Paula Jones

Paula Jones filed a federal sexual harassment case against President Bill Clinton, alleging that when he was governor of Arkansas, he made an inappropriate sexual advance on her.

The case was filed in 1994, years before knowledge of Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinski surfaced. Jones is now married to Steven Mark McFadden.

According to History, Jones said that Clinton sexually assaulted her and harmed her reputation after she made her accusation public. According to the story, Clinton’s lawyers claimed presidential immunity in a motion to dismiss her suit.

A federal district court determined that Clinton could not be tried until he departed the presidency, but that the investigation into the claims could continue. Jones filed an appeal in 1996, and he was successful.

Jones filed an appeal in 1996, and a judge ruled that the case may go all the way to the Supreme Court.

According to the story, Clinton’s counsel requested a delay, which coincided with the 1996 presidential election. According to the Los Angeles Times, Jones eventually negotiated a settlement agreement with Clinton.

Stephen and Paula Jones were married for seven years before splitting up and eventually divorcing. Stephen Jones filed for divorce in 1999, citing “irreconcilable disagreements.”

The Divorce

According to the Times, they had two kids, Stephen and Preston, who were 6 and 2 years old at the time of the divorce filing. Stephen Jones requested shared custody of their sons in the divorce filing.

According to the story, the divorce was filed in June 1999, following their separation in February of that year. Paula Jones stated at the time of their separation that they intended to reunite in Arkansas and that their marriage was not in threat.

“It is now,” a friend and former adviser to Paula Jones told the Los Angeles Times at the time of the divorce filing. She did not elaborate on the reasons, but did say that “for the time being, the boys will remain with her.”

Paula Jones stated that she and her husband disagreed on a plan for her lawsuit against Clinton. She said Clinton made an inappropriate sexual pass on her in her Little Rock, Arkansas hotel room in 1991.

She won $850,000 in a settlement agreement, but all but $201,000 went to lawyers.

Jones Remarried

Jones remarried around two years following her divorce. According to the Deseret News, she met a neighbor, Steven Mark McFadden, at a housewarming celebration.

“He’s bashful, and I was shy as well,” Jones explained. “And we’ve been dating since then.”

McFadden was employed by a construction equipment company. The couple married when Jones was 35 and McFadden was 39, according to the story. In October 2001, they married in a Villa Marre mansion in downtown Little Rock.

“The Villa Marre is best known as the exterior of the fictional mansion occupied by television’s Designing Women.”


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Did Jones Sue Former President Clinton for Harassment?

Yes, she did

2. Which Year did she sue Former President Clinton for harassment?

In May 1994

3. Did Jones Appear on the Short-Lived Fox series Celebrity Boxing?


4. How many Times has Paula been Married?

She has been married twice

5. Who was her First Husband?

Steve Jones

6. Who is her Second Husband?

Steven Mark McFadden

7. Which Year did Jione Marry the Second Time?

In the year 2001

8. Is Jones Alive?

Yes she is alive

10. How Many years were Stephen and Paula Jones Married for?

They were married for 7 years before splitting up

Paula Jones has had two marriages. She is currently divorced. She filed a sexual harassment complaint against the 42nd president, claiming he exposed himself to her in his hotel. You may leave a comment and share it below.

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