215 Pleasant Baby Names That Mean Gift from God 2020 Update

215 Pleasant Baby Names That Mean Gift from God 2020 Update.

Looking for baby names that means “Gift from God”? Check out these munificent names for your precious little one, meaning “gift”Names That Mean Gift from GodWhen looking for a name for a baby, some parents like to opt for names that mean ‘a gift from God’ and with good reason. After all, babies are truly a gift – a blessing from God.

A baby is a miracle that brings happiness into our lives. Not all parents are able to have a child easily but when they have one, they treasure their little one and are extremely thankful to God. Hence, they often go for a name that means ‘gift from God’.

If you are slightly religious or very religious, there may be a variety of reasons to be inspired to give your baby a name which means “God’s gift.” You don’t actually have to be Christian or Muslim in order to give your baby a name for the “gift.”

Names which mean God’s gift may also have spiritual significance. These names work for a boy or a girl too. See the names below for more Name Ideas.

Cool Boy Names That Mean Gift from God

Your son could be considered a “gift from God”, so check out these boy names that reflect that.

  • Suday: Meaning  An auspicious gift offered by God
  • Mattana: Meaning: Hebrew for “A gift from the God that gives”
  • Amaris: Meaning  One who is given by God
  • Anum: Meaning  Blessing of God
  • Avitaj: Meaning  God’s gift
  • Barkat: Meaning  Blessings
  • Prish: Meaning  Someone who is extremely loved; God’s gift
  • Bhanuprasad: Meaning A gift of the sun
  • Ivan: Meaning: Russian for “gracious and born ruler”
  • Nathanael/Nathaniel: Meaning: Hebrew for “God has given it”
  • Devashish: Meaning  Blessings of the gods
  • Reyom: Meaning  God’s gift
  • Jeramiah: Meaning: Hebrew for “God has gifted”
  • Yadan: Meaning  God’s gift; honest
  • Upayan: Meaning  A present
  • Prithu: Meaning  God’s gift; abundant
  • Elsi: Meaning: Greek for “God’s satisfaction sent to earth”
  • Iain/Ian: Meaning: Scottish for “Gift of the Lord”
  • Jwalaprasad: Meaning            A gift bestowed upon humans by the God of Fire Himself
  • Sagardutt: Meaning  A gift of the ocean
  • Ayaan: Meaning  A gift from God; rays of the rising sun
  • Niham: Meaning  A gift of God
  • Sayuj: Meaning God’s gift; a companion
  • Sanil: Meaning  Gifted by God
  • Thavapalan: Meaning             Gift of God
  • Avishai: Meaning  A gift from God
  • Henedad: Meaning: Hebrew for “The Grace of the beloved God”
  • Yanish: Meaning  Gift of God
  • Gaurleen: Meaning  God’s gift
  • Hans: Meaning  Gift of God

Names That Mean Gift from God

Cute Boy Names That Mean Gift from God

  • Mateo: Meaning: Latin for “Gift of God”
  • Dakshesh: Meaning  Lord Shiva
  • Sean: Meaning: Irish for “God is gracious”
  • Shaunit: Meaning  Gracious Gift from God
  • Hanan: Meaning  A gracious gift of God
  • Zebadiah: Meaning: Greek for “God’s gift”
  • Hanniel: Meaning: Hebrew for “Grace of God”
  • Theo: Meaning: Greek for “Gift of God”
  • Toha: Meaning  An offering handed down by God himself
  • Rihansh: Meaning  God’s gift
  • Shivprasad: Meaning Gift of Lord Shiva
  • Sougat: Meaning  A gift; enlightened
  • Mehransh: Meaning  A gift of God
  • Corbon: Meaning: Hebrew for “Offered from God”
  • Gaddiel: Meaning: Hebrew for “Fortune from God”
  • Hibah: Meaning  A gift from God
  • Hans: Meaning: Swedish for “Gift sent from God”
  • Ukesh: Meaning  God’s gift
  • Donato: Meaning: Italian for “Gift from God”
  • Thavaselvan: Meaning           A popular name in South India, meaning gift of God
  • Hishal: Meaning  A rare name meaning one who is gifted
  • Ataullah: Meaning Another Arabic name that means gift of God.
  • Meghdutt: Meaning A gift from the gods of clouds and rain
  • Dorek: Meaning: Polish for “God’s Gift
  • Attam: Meaning  A gift from God
  • Aadia: Meaning  A gift; unequalled; perfect

Names That Mean Gift from God

Best Boy Names That Mean Gift from God

  • Adiel: Meaning: Hebrew for God sent
  • Niamat: Meaning  A gift
  • Shriprasad: Meaning A gift from the very hands of God
  • Jani: Meaning  Gift from God
  • Badriprasad: Meaning  A gift from Lord Badri.
  • Mikelle: Meaning: Latin for “Gift from God”
  • Sonu: Meaning  God’s gift; pure gold; morning
  • Varam: Meaning  A boon
  • Matthew: Meaning Someone who is born on Earth as a reward from God
  • Naathan: Meaning  Gifted by God
  • Aanam: Meaning  A gift from Lord Ganesha
  • Hanno: Meaning: German for “Gift from God”
  • Gurdaat: Meaning  Gift of Guru
  • Sonam: Meaning  Gifted; fortunate
  • Yanis: Meaning: Greek for “Blessing from heaven”
  • Gurbaksh: Meaning  Gift of Guru
  • Ata: Meaning  gift in Arabic.
  • Atiya: Meaning  A gift
  • Alay: Meaning  A rare Indian name meaning gift
  • Thaddeus: Meaning: Aramaic for “Gift from God”
  • Neo: Meaning: Twainian for “Gift”
  • Mati: Meaning  Gift of God
  • Nawal: Meaning  A gift
  • Gurlaal A beloved of Guru
  • Daivik: Meaning  Divine; by the grace of God
  • Skandaprasad: Meaning  Gift of God Skanda or Karthikeya
  • Aana: Meaning  Gifted by God
  • Mikah: Meaning: Hebrew for “One who is like God”
  • Mehir: Meaning: Hebrew for “Reward from a God”
  • Ayaansh: Meaning  A gift of God; a part of parents; first rays of the sun
  • Devarsh: Meaning  A gift of God
  • Wahb: Meaning  Gift; blessing
  • Jonathan: Meaning: Hebrew for “God’s gift”
  • Datta: Meaning  A gift
  • Anana: Meaning: Greek for “Given by God”
  • Uphar: Meaning  A gift
  • Nihit: Meaning  God’s gift; inherent
  • Pradatta: Meaning  A gift from God
  • Reyan: Meaning  Lord Vishnu; Gift of God; Little King
  • Inaam Meaning  Blessing or gift from God
  • Zubaid: Meaning  That which is given as a gift
  • Ramdutt: Meaning  Gift of Lord Rama
  • Varseerat: Meaning  A beautiful gift of God
  • Vishnudutt: Meaning A gift offered by Lord Vishnu
  • Chandradutt: Meaning  A gift from the moon

Names That Mean Gift from God

Beautiful Girl Names That Mean Gift from God

For your baby daughter, consider a name that means “God’s gift”.

  • Upada: Meaning A generous gift
  • Yasotha: Meaning Friendly; God-gifted
  • Aahuk: Meaning God’s gift
  • Tanzima: Meaning A wonderful gift that has landed on Earth from the heavens
  • Aishi: Meaning God’s gift and blessing
  • Deeshna: Meaning A gift; offering
  • Karisma: Meaning A miraculous gift
  • Isha: Meaning A gift of purity
  • Sreta: Meaning Gold; beauty; gifted by God
  • Prajeetha: Meaning A precious gift
  • Yana: Meaning God’s graciousness
  • Darina: Meaning: Slavic for “Gift”
  • Omica: Meaning A blessing or a gift from God
  • Tayja: Meaning A little gem: God’s gift
  • Waniya: Meaning Gift of Allah; pearls
  • Inaya: Meaning  A girl from God
  • Parisha: An angel; Gift of God
  • Miesha: Meaning: Slavic for “God’s gift”
  • Jenika: Meaning A gracious gift from God
  • Akshadha: Meaning The very manifestation of God’s blessings
  • Piyanshi: Meaning A gift from God; A part of a loved one
  • Minnat: Meaning A gift received from Allah as a token of his kindness
  • Aldora: Meaning: Greek for “Winged gift from God”
  • Aanvee: Meaning A joyful gift from God
  • Vensi: Meaning A gift of God; Periodic
  • Jenica: Meaning: Romanian for ”God is gracious”
  • Joyce: Meaning: Hebrew for “Belonging to God”
  • Daysha: Meaning Gift from God
  • Prahya: A gift from God
  • Zobia: Meaning  someone who is blessed by God
  • Harnoor: Meaning God’s gift

Pretty Names for Girls That Mean Gift from God

  • Aaksha: Meaning A blessing from God
  • Mercedes: Meaning: Italian for “Gracious gifts, benefits”
  • Kriva: Meaning Unique; A gift from God
  • Aariaani: Meaning Pure; Holy; Gift from God
  • Janina: Meaning: Hebrew for “Gift from God”
  • Shiza: Meaning A graceful gift
  • Yashvee: Meaning God-gifted
  • Sian: Meaning: Welsh for “God’s gracious gift”
  • Neima: Meaning A favour from God
  • Sheena: Meaning God’s gift; brightness
  • Sani: Meaning A gift or a reward
  • Moonam: Meaning A gift that is received with Allah’s blessings
  • Umnia: Meaning A gift
  • Thavamani: Meaning A gift from God
  • Elidi: Meaning: Greek for “Gift of the sun”
  • Jarshika: Meaning God-gifted
  • Devyani: Meaning A goddess; invested with divine power
  • Shaveena: Meaning God’s gift
  • Shani: Meaning: Irish for “God’s sent this”
  • Yoana: Meaning God’s gift
  • Diha: Meaning Gift of God; hermit
  • Alya: Meaning: Arabic for “Sent from Heaven”
  • Aavya: Meaning God’s gift
  • Dorinda: Meaning: Greek for “bountiful gift”
  • Ananti: Meaning A gift from God
  • Naysa: Meaning God’s gift
  • Dorothy: Meaning: Greek for “Gift from God”
  • Dolly: Meaning: Old English for “Gift from God”
  • Hansvi: Meaning God’s gift; swan
  • Tabia: Meaning: African origin name meaning “talents, gifts”
  • Jaini: Meaning Gift of God; Victorious
  • Iva: Meaning: Hebrew for “Gift from god”
  • Presha: Meaning A girl bestowed with talent by God
  • Naitee: A simple little gift
  • Aanshi: Meaning A gift from God that everybody desires
  • Hannah: Meaning: Hebrew for “Favor of God”
  • Pandora: Meaning: Greek for “all gifted”

Pretty Girl Names That Mean Gift from God

  • Ataya: Meaning A girl bestowed by Allah
  • Jenica: Meaning: Romanian for “God’s gracious gift”
  • Callidora: Meaning: Greek for “Gift of beauty”
  • Oashni: Meaning A precious gift from God
  • Gia: Meaning: Italian for “God’s gracious gift”
  • Rishna: Meaning A gift happily given by God
  • Amarisa: Meaning Someone who has been offered as a gift from God
  • Gurdita: Meaning A Punjabi name meaning gift of Guru
  • Nazeena: Meaning A beautiful gift from Allah; love
  • Saviona: A gift of God
  • Mishka: Meaning Someone who carries the gift of God’s love
  • Medora: Meaning: Greek for “Mother’s gift”
  • Janet: Meaning: Old English for “God’s gracious gift”
  • Nirvita: Meaning A gift from God
  • Eudora: Meaning: Greek for “Generous gift”
  • Anhiti: Meaning A gift; donation
  • Aadrisha: Meaning Gifted by God
  • Dhrumi: Meaning God-gifted; divine
  • Vanya: Meaning A gift; the deity of the forests
  • Joshvika: Meaning A gift; Goddess Durga
  • Manha: Meaning A gift from Allah
  • Thea: Meaning: Christian origin name for “Blessing of the lord”
  • Mishaye: Meaning The gift of love
  • Jayne: Meaning: Old English for “God has shown favor”
  • Nayera: Meaning A gift of God; fashionable
  • Kiara: Meaning God’s gracious gift
  • Avisha: Meaning Gifted by God
  • Anya: Meaning: Hebrew for “Jehovah’s cloud”
  • Roonhi: Blessings of God; God’s gift/obligation
  • Godiva: Meaning: Old English for “God’s gift”
  • Nishvika: Meaning Full of energy
  • Oeshi: Meaning God’s precious gift

In conclusion, children are truly gift from God. So go ahead and choose from the numerous names that means gift from God.

Do you think we have missed any name? let’s see it in the comment section.

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