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Pokemon Go Search Terms – Full List (Keyword Searches)

Many trainers simply see the search bar as a place to type a Pokemon name and have a list of those Pokemon returned to them. 

The search bar can be used for much more if you know what to enter. The Pokémon search feature on the Pokémon collection page allows trainers to create a filtered view of their Pokémon.

Search Strings

You can also utilize searches that are more intricate. These are not well-known to Pokemon Go trainers, but they will undoubtedly be helpful.


You can first sort Pokemon in your storage by CP and HP. All Pokemon with a CP of 1000 can be found by searching for “CP1000.”

Star Rating

Individual species are now rated using stars based on their unique values (IVs). These can be as few as one and as many as four.

Move Name and Type

In the Pokemon Go search bar, you can search by move name and type. If you start the search string with “@,” you’ll know that you’re conducting a move-based search.

Keyword Searches

You can search for a monk’s name and evolution, as well as a variety of basic keyword search terms.

Search termResult
LegendaryDisplays a list of every Legendary Pokemon you own.
MythicalShows every Mythical’mon you have.
ShinyDisplays every Shiny Pokemon you have in your Pokedex.
LuckyLists all of your owned Lucky Pokemon.
ShadowShows all your Shiny Pokemon within your Pokedex.
PurifiedDisplays all of your purified ‘mon.
MaleLists all of your owned male Pokemon.
FemaleDisplays all of your Female ‘mon.
Buddy0Pokemon doesn’t have a buddy history.
Buddy1Early on in your Buddy ranking.
Buddy2Lists all ‘Good’ buddies.
Buddy3Displays all ‘Great’ buddies.
Buddy4reveals all of Ultra’s friends.
Buddy5Lists all ‘Best’ buddies.
Defenderwhich of your Pokemon is guarding which gym.
TradedDisplays all of the Pokemon you have acquired through trade.
HatchedLists every’mon that has ever come from an egg.
EvolveShows every Pokemon that has the potential to evolve.
Region name (Kanto, Johto, Galar)Displays your’mon according to region.



You must have access to your Pokémon storage in order to begin searching through it.

The button for storing Pokémon is this.Simply touch the Main Menu button, which resembles a PokéBall, while in Map View to access your Pokémon storage.

This will launch the Main Menu, where you can access your Pokédex, game settings, and the in-game news feed, among other features.

With all the different ways you can now filter your Pokemon, finding and sorting them will be much simpler!

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