pokémon snap pre order bonus

New Pokemon Snap Preorder Guide – Bonuses, Prices & Where to Buy

Trainers were ecstatic about the game, this page will tell you everything you need to know about the pre-order bonus and price for Pokémon Snap.

pokémon snap pre order bonus

Where to Buy Pokémon Snap

New Snap, like most video game releases, is available both digitally and physically. 

According to Nintendo, the digital edition will take up approximately 6.8 GB of space, so if you plan on purchasing the digital version, make sure you have enough room.

Pokémon Snap Pre-Order Bonus

GameStop –a two-sided poster with the box image on one side and a drawing of Pikachu holding a Fluffruit on the other.

Target – a photo frame that is magnetic

Walmart –Poke Ball hat or Pikachu knit cap

Amazon UK – a sticker sheet with Pokemon like Scorbunny and Pichu on it, as well as a poster with Venomoth and Grookey on it

New Digital Pokemon Snap Pre-Orders:


Nintendo eShop ($59.99)

Amazon ($59.99)

GameStop ($59.99)


Nintendo eShop (£49.99)

Physical Pre-Orders for the New Pokemon Snap:


Amazon ($59.88)

Target ($59.99)

GameStop ($59.99)

Best Buy ($59.99)

Walmart ($59.88)

Costco ($59.99)


Amazon (£49.99)

GAME (£49.99)

Nintendo Store

The Game Collection (£42.95)

Smyths (£44.99)



When you purchase the game from GAME, you will receive a free double-sided poster and sticker sheet. You can share your thoughts on the bonuses in the comments section.

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