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What Happened to Pudgy from TikTok? Owner Confirms Viral ‘Owa Owa’ Dog has Died

The owner of Pudgy, also known as the viral ‘Owa Owa’ dog, has confirmed that the dog has sadly died.

Pudgy’s death rumors have been circulating online for some time, and Malachy has finally spoken out about what happened to the beloved TikTok dog.

pudgy the dog

Pudgy the Dog

On Friday, June 16, fans of the famous TikTok dog Pudgy aka Pudgy Woke were heartbroken to learn that he had died as a result of a canine attack.

It was known for making a “owa owa” sound, earning him the moniker “Owa Owa dog.” 

The dog had over 12 million TikTok followers, and his most recent video had over 9 million views. 

Pudgy was known for making a “owa owa” sound, earning him the moniker “Owa Owa dog.” Leave a comment

What Happened to Pudgy

Malachy James, the owner of Pudgy, announced the tragic news on his Instagram and newly launched YouTube channel

He explained that while out for a walk, they encountered a man who wanted Pudgy to meet his dog. “I put it down, thinking they were just going to sniff each other. “That’s what dogs usually do when they meet,” he explained.

Unfortunately, the other dog “instantly attacked Pudgy,” according to Malachy.

They rushed it to an animal hospital and sedated him, but were later informed that his severe injuries required surgery that would cost $12,000 to $15,000. 

They were also told that the surgery would not ensure his survival, and the dog died as a result.



On Friday, fans of the famous TikTok dog aka Woke were heartbroken. People have been paying their respects across social media platforms as word of the viral dog’s death spreads.

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