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People Are Trolling Fans Who Want to See YouTuber Ranboo’s Face

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Ranboo, a Twitch and Youtube streamer, rose to stardom in a similar way. But his identity has been a mystery to admirers for some time. Some claim that pictures of his face have appeared on TikTok. Additionally, followers on Twitter claim to have images of his face. This is what we do know.

Ranboo’s Real Face

Some claim that Ranboo performed a facial reveal that was shown on TikTok. Ranboo hasn’t yet mentioned displaying his face for a significant occasion or personal milestone

He has many opportunities to do so because he has millions of online followers. However, in 2021 there was an unintentional leak in his trademark black and white mask.

The Sun claims that during a conversation in April 2021, Ranboo’s mask accidentally came off, revealing his face for a split second. 

Although the video is no longer available, several people still have screenshots. But he doesn’t mind making fun of his admirers by showing them his face. 

He’s happy with YouTuber tommyinnit, who attempted to remove his mask while it was being recorded.

While trying to remove Ranboo’s mask in one video with another YouTuber named Tubbo, Tommyinnit blurs Ranboo’s face in another video after successfully removing the mask. In fact, there are a couple of videos of this happening around.

This could be a clue that Ranboo would perform a face reveal on his own terms in the future. But nothing has been confirmed by him.

Some Twitter users are trying to attract more attention by capitalizing on the interest in the face reveal. Random photos can be found in a lot of tweets that start with “Ranboo face leak?” While some are trolling with memes or images of Tommyinnit, others are promoting different artistic works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Did Dream from Dream SMP do a Face Reveal?

Dream has even used this to his advantage by trolling his fans by “teasing” about his unmasking. However, he never really showed his face to them until recently, when he revealed that he might do it when British streamer George NotFound arrives in America and vlogs with him.

  1. Did Ranboo Leave the DSMP?

Ranboo ended by expressing that it would be hard to leave the UK with so much love around. Thank you for the past 4 months. This has been some of the best days of my life. Gonna miss a lot of things but I’m excited to see what the future holds.

  1. Who is Ranboo Crush?

Ranboo has a crush on the enderdragonnn.

  1. What is Ranboo Real Age?

18 years old

  1. How Old is DreamWasTaken?

22 years 

  1. Is Ranboo Married to Tubbo?

Tubbo and Ranboo have confirmed that their marriage is canon, and that they have only been canonically divorced twice. They took turns proposing.  Ranboo and Tubbo now have a canonic son, their baby zombie piglin “Michael” that was nearly killed today

  1. Is Ranboo Older than Tubbo?

Well, we do know for sure he is older than tommy and younger than tubbo. So since tommy will be turning 17 in April, Ranboo’s birthday is probably between now and April.

  1. How did Ranboo and Tubbo Meet?

After Ranboo lived with Tubbo for four months during his trip to the UK, they developed a close friendship. The former returned to his home a month back, in November. Soon after that, Tubbo decided to go to the US to meet all his fellow Minecraft streamers.

  1. Did Ranboo Graduate from High School?

Ranboo graduated high school on June 3, 2021. Through a twitter competition, Ranboo got the “Ranboo my beloved” meme put on a billboard in Times Square, New York.

  1. How Tall is Ranboo?

He’s 6’6″ 

Ranboo’s mask has occasionally fallen off, but he still wears it and hasn’t mentioned replacing it. Fans adore the mystery and want to see him play Minecraft and crack jokes in his kitchen.  And it undoubtedly hasn’t stopped him from accumulating millions of fans across many media.










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