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RHODubai’s Caroline Stanbury Returns To Reality TV With A New (Much Younger) Husband, And A Fresh Attitude

– Caroline Stanbury –

“I’m getting to relive my youth with him,” she revealed exclusively to ‘Women’s Health.’

Stanbury is no stranger to the world of reality television.

Caroline is back in action with The Real Housewives of Dubai after appearing on Bravo’s Ladies of London a few years ago and making an extended appearance on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

And it’s shaping up to be a dramatic season.

Caroline, on the other hand, knows exactly what she’s getting herself into and isn’t holding back.

While she hadn’t yet seen the new show when she spoke with Women’s Health, she discussed her decision to return to reality TV and how she’s changed over the years.

Caroline got divorced since the last time she was on TV.

Caroline’s life has changed since the first season of Ladies of London aired in 2014.

She’s the queen of a new city, has a new husband, and has mellowed a little.

“I probably have become a better person, a nicer person,” she says, recalling how hectic her life was while filming LOL all those years ago. “I think I have a little more time for myself now,” she says.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again, but now I’m busier than ever and more successful than ever, which is really exciting.”

Caroline, according to her Bravo bio, hosts a podcast called “Divorced Not Dead,” is a luxury brand ambassador, and recently launched a new shoe collection.

Caroline says she now has a “new life” that she calls “a lot softer” and “a lot less regimented.” And she’s focusing more on herself these days. “It’s a lot less about everybody else and more about me,” she explains.

Her second marriage is to a Real Madrid soccer player.

Caroline has a new handsome man in her life! Caroline was married to financier Cem Habib, with whom she has three children when everyone met her on LOL.

They divorced in 2019, and she is now married to Sergio Carrallo, a former Real Madrid soccer player. And they’re still in the honeymoon stage!

“Married life is truly amazing,” Caroline says.

The love birds are currently nesting after wrapping filming for season 1. Caroline tells WH, “We just bought our first house together.”

During filming, the couple had a nearly twenty-year age gap (Sergio is 27 to Caroline’s 45), and they’ve been diving headfirst into their life together.

“It’s like a second chance.” “I’m getting to relive my youth with him,” he says.

Caroline is not the only expat who has made a home in Dubai, but her age-defying love is. “There aren’t many women in the Middle East who are married to men 20 years their junior.”

However, there are many men who are married to women who are 20 years younger. So I’m definitely deviating from a social norm.”

But she’s been accused of faking chemistry with Sergio.

Chanel Ayan, a fellow housewife, made that claim.

“I feel like Sergio and Stanbury—I don’t believe they have a sexual existence,” Ayan admitted to Page Six.

“I see it as phony chemistry over sexual energies on their Instagram pages.” She even referred to it as a “contract wedding.”

However, the remarks could have been made in anger. After all, she wasn’t invited to Stanbury’s “hen party,” or bachelorette party in non-British terms.

Chanel found out because Lesa Milan canceled their Hermès shopping trip in order to attend.

Despite Ayan’s comments, the couple was displaying major PDA, including making out and grinding on each other, during the party, which took place on a yacht, of course.

Overall, it appears that there is some bad blood between Stanbury and Ayan. Despite meeting several times, their energy “did not match,” according to Ayan.

Buckle up, because I have a feeling we’re about to find out what’s going on between these two castmates.

She hopes the housewives can reframe the way people think of Dubai.

When the Housewives franchise was first announced for Dubai, some fans expressed concerns about the city’s LGBTQ+ and gender equity issues. (The UAE is extremely intolerant of the gay community, threatening them with jail time.)

Caroline, on the other hand, claims Dubai is “very tolerant,” adding, “I’m a luxury brand ambassador, married to a young guy, and I’m divorced.”

I couldn’t have lived with him before our recent marriage. Things are changing so quickly that I believe The Real Housewives of Dubai will re-educate people about life in Dubai.

In the desert, we are not chained to camels. We lead very cosmopolitan and cool lives.”

According to the World Population Review, expatriates living outside their home country account for approximately 85 percent of the city’s population. “Very multicultural,” says Caroline of Dubai.

“What a diverse group of people.”

Every walk of life is represented here.

If you had told me ten years ago that Jews and Muslims could coexist in this town, everyone would have said, ‘No way.’

“Everyone has arrived,” you’ll notice how far it’s come.

But there are different ‘rules’ of life in Dubai that the housewives have to navigate.

There will be no wine tumblers at soccer games for these housewives.

In Dubai, you can only drink alcohol at home or in a licensed establishment. Caroline explains, “Every household has a license.”

“You just have to think in a different way.” That includes her clothing and actions outside of the house.

“I can wear hot pants to the beach if I want to. I don’t wear them in a mall, but I suppose it’s out of respect.”

she claims “I can’t kiss or have a snug in public, but I don’t want to watch people snogging in public, so I’m fine.”

Caroline, on the other hand, says, “I can lie in bed with all my windows open and all my diamonds by the bed without fear of them being stolen.”

I can lose my child in public and not have a total meltdown because he will return.” She referred to these trade-offs as “priceless.”

“It’s a no-brainer for me if I have to think about ordering my alcohol legally, the right way, versus being robbed in my bed at gunpoint,” she says.

“These rules are there to protect you, and once you learn them, they’re not that difficult to follow.”

“But genuinely, we all live super well, super well,” she adds, as the housewives adjust to the rules.

Caroline’s an old pro at the whole reality TV thing.

Being on a reality show is similar to everyday life with “an added layer, “Caroline elaborates.

That means practicing all of your regular private routines while someone is filming at all times, she says.

Even so, the camera does not always capture the entire person.

Caroline says, “sometimes your softer side doesn’t come out, or you’re so militant because you’re so busy.”

Nonetheless, she explains that it’s difficult not to be genuine. “Life moves so quickly here that you don’t have time to hide anything.

It’s not like you can change your appearance completely. I mean, I can’t speak for the other girls, but I can’t be someone I’m not.”

When she watches herself during an episode, she says she simply assumes the role of “viewer,” watching the show like everyone else.

Caroline knew a long time ago that she wouldn’t be able to control the camera to show all of her best angles, but the newer girls may have a harder time adjusting.

She thinks her friend Lindsay Lohan would make a ‘Great Housewife’

She told Page Six, “I’ve known Lindsay for years.” “She works as an actress.” She’d make an excellent Housewife!”

Caroline, on the other hand, believes Lindsay, who also lives in Dubai, is probably too busy to join the cast of ‘RHODubai.’

“I talked to her today,” Caroline told Page Six. “She’s excited to be working on a new film.” “She has her [‘Lohdown’] podcast,” she continues.

“I doubt she’ll be joining us, but she’s welcome if she wants to.”

She’s also worth millions.

Caroline isn’t fooling around. She is worth around $30 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

In the business world, she founded Gift Library, a luxury goods company, in 2008, but it has since closed.

She wouldn’t be opposed to another RHODubai season… depending on how this one goes.

There is no word on whether RHODubai will be renewed for another season, but Caroline believes it will.

“I believe this show is so good that if we lay down in the desert and did nothing, everyone would still watch because they’re fascinated,” she says.

“Of course, if they asked again, I’d gladly return.”

But first, she says everyone should wait and see how the first episodes, which will be released on June 1st, go.

Caroline adds, “Let’s talk about it in a few months.”


Frequently Asked Questions About Caroline Stanbury

Caroline is a luxury brand ambassador and recently launched a new shoe collection, according to her Bravo bio.

Entrepreneur, Personal stylist

Sergio and Caroline married in a private legal ceremony in Mauritius in November 2021.

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