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All Unreleased Lost Ark Classes: Summoner, Aeromancer, Reaper & More

The Eastern version of Lost Ark includes eight new classes that have not yet been released in the West. They’ve all been discussed here.


reaper lost ark

The Reaper uses the power of darkness to summon clones, become invisible, and scare opponents at breakneck speed.

The Reaper bombards enemies with its overwhelming skills before falling at its feet, thanks to its incredibly fast and stylish moveset.


The summoner does exactly what the name implies: she summons.

Depending on the situation, she can summon a variety of different allies to assist her and the party, and her ultimate move is said to be something special.


The Scouter appears to be a fun variant of the Gunner class, a random bastion of science fiction in an otherwise fantasy-based universe. 

He can use a variety of high-tech weapons, such as drones, plasma weapons, and even a mech suit. Because, of course, he is capable.


reaper lost ark

This is a female-only subclass of the (also female-only) Mage class, also known as the ‘Arcana’ class. Her signature style is based on the use of cards and drawing from a deck. 

Each card has a unique effect, such as crowd control, trap-like abilities, or magical attacks.


The final unreleased Lost Ark class is the aeromancer, wind-based escargot. 

The Aeromancer’s umbrella will be used to force powerful climate-changing effects.

Lance Master

The Lance Master is a martial art that can switch from a spear to a halberd. 

Expect multiple power combinations, destruction losses, and speed, but you won’t be able to make the enemy work.

Female Berserker 

reaper lost ark

The female Berserker is scheduled for release in Korea in 2022, which means it could arrive in the East very soon.

Unfortunately, the West lags behind Korea in terms of updates, so we don’t know when the female Berserker will arrive, but we do know it’s on the way.


reaper lost ark

To deal damage to their opponents, the Artist employs ink and paint-themed attacks.

With an Ultimate ability that paints a blossom tree on the floor before exploding and displacing all enemies, this is a class worth trying out when it finally arrives.



Before you start playing the game, try out the Mage and see what you think. But that’s all we know about the unreleased classes coming to Lost Ark in the future.

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